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DiabLew Tune, Custom Tuning for GM Vehicles, DiabloSport inTune, Trinity, inTune 2030 8245, 06MonteSS, DiabLew
DiabLew Tune, Custom Tuning for GM Vehicles, DiabloSport inTune, Trinity, inTune 2030 8245, 06MonteSS, DiabLew
DiabLew Tune, 06MonteSS, custom diablew tune, diablosport custom tuning, diablo custom tuning, diablo intune 2030 8245, diablo trinity
Here is a small sample of just some of the many testimonials I have received...

I could not be any happier! Ever since I put 33's on my 2002 Silverado 5.3 truck about 6 months back, I could notice a huge difference in loss of power and the truck simply felt like it struggled. Ever since I have installed your tune on my truck, it seems like it brought it to life! The truck has never had throttle response like it does now and I did notice that I am getting 1.5-2 more mpg! I am glad everything worked out the way it did!
– Dalton M.

Holy crap man! Your magic worked. This truck is a rocket now! And 6th gear is no longer a turd on the highway. I haven't hammered on it yet but I don't need to. The knock I had is gone. The shifts are perfect and super quick. It feels like you installed a 6.2 litre in this beast. Thank you so much!!! I will be recommending you to tune all my buddys trucks!!
– Adam P.

I got a chance to drive it and it's an entire new truck! Wished I'd known about this a lot sooner! Drives like it should from the factory and shifts seem to be a lot better. No more of the transmission being confused on what gear it should be in.
– John W.

Man I just want you to know that after I put the "Diablo Tune" on here, I was really skeptical at how much better could your tune be, and I would like to apologize for even thinking that. This thing is night and day difference. Even being lifted 7" and on 35" tires, it's quicker than any other truck I've had and so far my mpg average is up about 5 mpg. This has been worth every penny. Definitely recommend this to anyone!!
– Taylor L.

I installed my custom tunes... Wow!! Amazing!! These trucks should come like this from the factory. It's like a totally different truck now. Had I not found your tuning, I would have cut my losses and traded this truck off. But now, the drivability is enjoyable, and idle, throttle response, and trans shifting is smooth and spot-on. You did a spectacular job! Thank you!
– Todd H.

All i can say is WOW...what a difference! I installed the Lew tune on my lunchbreak and then drove it 32 miles home. SURE does act different now! Very "alive" feeling now! Very happy so far. Hoping this truly does increase the fuel mileage. I dont drive the truck hard, but i had to a few times on the way home just to check out the new power! Thanks Lew! You really know your stuff with these tunes!
– Chad A.

I just drove my truck after installing the two tunes from you and holy smokes! First my V8 stays a V8 and the power and transmission difference is amazing! I really appreciate your magic... I can't thank you enough for waking my truck up from the slug it was before!
– Chase T.

Once again DiabLew came through. Making the switch from my old intune i2 to a Trinity 2 was smooth and easy. Diablew hit the money and my 01 Camaro is running great. One satisfied customer AGAIN and looking soon to blast a rockin Diablew tune on my 03 Silverado with the old intune i2. You rock DiabLew.
– Joe W.

This tune is awesome! Turned my 1999 z28 into a monster! It was fast before but now this car roast the tires and doesn't top out, just keeps pulling!
– Armando

I finally made the plunge and ordered my Diablo tuner with custom tunes by Diablew. Got my custom tune installed today. Holy Hell. Do it now!!! If you are on the fence, give me your address and I'll come to your house and punch you in the face until you order it. Night and day difference. I only have 40 miles on it so far, but well worth it. Lew is super responsive and very helpful. Do it!!!
– Wayne R.

I recently purchased a Trinity T2 EX Platinum for my 2008 6.2 A6 Corvette. I installed the Diablo tune and was very impressed that they could get so much more out of my car. I did have a technical issue and contacted DiabloSport and can only say that their tech support was fantastic. I decided to contact Lew for a CMR tune. After a frank discussion, he answered all questions and absolutely could not have been any nicer or more attentive. I sent the required files to Lew on a Friday evening. To my surprise I recieved his tune Sunday afternoon (dont expect this as his business hours are CLOSED on weekends). After installing his files the vette has again made HUGE strides in performance and drivability. Not sure how Lew gets so much out of what should already be good performance! Lew is not only awesome at what he does but he is one of the greatest guys I have ever dealt with. If you are on the fence getting a CMR tune with Lew, get going! I hands down HIGHLY recomend his services. Very satisfied customer!
– Pat M.

Regarding my 2015 Silverado... I wanted to give a review... Just like my previous tune I got from you, my expectations were far surpassed, even though they were even higher than last time because I knew your abilities already... My already-high-expectations were far surpassed. Already have a wish list built and another tune purchase once I get all my goodies installed!
– Eric L.

If I were blind, I would swear I’m driving a different vehicle! First time I’ve looked forward to driving to work!
– Jordan B.

YOU ARE AN EVIL GENIUS!!!! THE TUNE IS AWESOME!!!!! I was only able to drive about 5 miles tonight, but man what a difference, thank you so much!!
– Gary G.

Hey Lew - All I can say is WOW bro, what did you do to this thing!? Its up to 50mph before I even realize it, crazy shit! Digging the new tune, especially the 4,5,6 gears-used to fall on its face at 45mph, after the your tune truck stays in the right gear for the speed. Good stuff man!! Picked up about 1 mpg and truck just feels solid now!! Appreciate your work and excellent service! Best thing thats happened to this truck!!
– AJ D.

Very nice! I only drove around for a few minutes, but could immediately tell a difference over the canned tune. I punched it on an on-ramp and it snapped my head back! The throttle response is quite impressive.
– Stewart F.

Thank you very much man! night and day difference... very good work man, very happy with the result. Runs great! thank you again. Money well spent.
– Steve M.

holy shit what a difference! thing scoots now, even with 33's on her, can't believe it!
– Nate J.

I just want to say, that tune was amazing! I was only able to drive the truck for a little bit but I could feel the difference from the previous tune! I remember reading a prior customer's post about how he was so excited for it the way the truck was running he couldn't keep a crazy grin off his face, let me tell you I was the same way! Thanks a lot of all the help and turning my truck into a beast!
– Dave M.

WOW. You are a magician, my truck is amazing now. I feel as if you sat me down and interviewed me as to how I want it to perform and now it is doing exactly that. The shift points are perfect and already seeing an increase in mileage. I cannot thank you enough. You have made my Sierra the truck I knew it could be.
– James W.

Immediately upon loading the tune, I could tell a difference. The more I drove, the more impressed I was. Power was consistent, available at any speed. Shifts occurred at more reasonable RPM levels, and were smoothly executed, making better use of my engine’s potential. It was thoroughly enjoyable getting up to speed, but I didn’t get to enjoy it very long as I was at the speed limit very quickly and had to back out of the throttle before the big grin had a chance to wear off. Again, just want to emphasize how impressed I am with the tune. Expectations were high based on everything I read, yet somehow you managed to exceed them. let me just say your work and your customer service have no equal. I will be recommending you to others at every opportunity.
– Seth P.

Installed the tune this morning. Everything went well and it was quite easy, thanks for your very detailed instructions. Drove few miles and wow... I mean WTF this is a new car! It was raining so was driving slowly but could immediatelly tell the transmission is completely different. So much smoother and easier, no matter what gear or rpm's you have. Significant change for sure. No, bigger. I went to visit my friend who is a local GM dealer here in Finland, he is familiar with my car and all the mods it has. We were both amazed, totally different car than day before. Easier and smoother but also faster and more precise. What else can you ask for!... Could not be happier with the result, could not be happier to the whole process. A big thank you to you Lew, it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you!
– Mauri P.

WOW I am super impressed so far! Way better than the canned tunes. Wicked happy... Like a new truck the way it shifts and throttle response etc... Thank you so much! Props to Lew!! I bought a custom tune. Once I submitted my logs to him I had the custom tune with a couple hours!! Installed it just a bit ago....Wow!!!! Big difference over the canned tunes! The canned tunes woke my truck up....but Lews magic has really given my truck some bigger balls! Lol. My truck screams now I love it!
– Nate R.

Oh my god!!!! Lew! You are a wizard. I just installed the tune and went to lunch. In just 5 miles of driving, I'm speechless. What a difference! That Tahoe is a blast to drive now! Amazing, sir! Thank you!
– Kevin C.

Holy shit Lewis!!! Just took the truck out for a quick spin around the block and it feels like a completely different truck! I'm so happy with your tune! The throttle response is unbelievable and the timing difference in the gears is awesome! You're the man Lewis!
– Steve A.

Trucks running like a beast!! That last fuel tweak did it!! Runs awesome!! Getting 17.5-18.5 city and 18-20 mpg constant highway all 8 running so much nicer than stock!!
– Mike S.

Your tune is sick! Big difference with responsiveness, especially off the line, and the shifts feel so f**king good in comparison to how they kinda "hang up" a little in stock form. My girlfriend likes it almost more than me! That I did not expect! Can't wait to tow with it! And the sound is awesome!
– James L.

Awesome, thanks again, truck was a beast before the tune but you managed to fully unleash it!
– Brad S.

Nice job as always! I was skeptical about renewing my tune. Not that I doubt your results for a second, but I wondered how much of a difference could be made after the tune had been dialed in. I don't know what you did, but the difference is remarkable. The truck is quicker and smoother. I can't wait to hit 150 miles on the tune so that I can send my WOT log. I appreciate what you do, keep up the great work!
– Kevin D.

Thanks Lew you are the best. You responded to my 100's of emails at lightning speed and never got frustrated. My truck runs like a scalded ass ape for sure. and by the way my mileage has increased around 1.5 mpg and I haven't been able to keep my foot out of it yet , will probably increase if I do but its more fun and I cant get this silly ass grin off my face LOL! The wife asked me if I have a girlfriend, go figure.
– Ben G.

Diablew Tune = Majestical HP and Torque !!! After my TSP headers and CAI , I was running the Diablo Tune from my hand held tuner. I ordered the custom tune from Lewis Eaton, I have about 100 miles since the tune and the tune itself , is unbelievable !!! It just keeps getting better and the car is Aggressive as a Tasmania Devil with its Ass on fire !!! Before the custom tune the car was drinking gas. Now , It seems to sip gas even thou I am hard on the throttle a few times on my daily driving trips. When I do hold it at WOT , the car gets busier than a cat on a hot tin roof trying to cover up poop !! Guys I guess what I am trying to say the DiabloSport Inc. Tuner is a great product but the enhanced Custom Tune from Lew is M.F. tuning on the next level. Awesome !!!
– Marty L.

Lew, you are a god! Communicating with you was easy as pie, you remembered who I was every email, you respond quickly and know how to tune a truck right. After going thru the simple process, my truck is a totally different beast! Throttle response is incredible, I'm making more power, and better power. I'm driving an 09 Sierra 1500 with a 6" lift and 35's. Wasn't expecting any real mileage increase. Lew has me getting 15 mpg in the city, which is 1 mile better than before the lift!! Can't thank you enough sir, the truck and I are forever grateful!
– Vito C.

The truck is AMAZING with the custom tune!! I can't believe how much pull it has, even with a trailer! I swear, even when the trailer was fully loaded on the cross-country road trip, the truck didn't give a damn and pulled it like there was nothing behind it! And of course, it flies like a rocketship without the trailer! I don't even have to put my foot all the way down for it to blast off! Thank you soooo much for the tune!!!
– Mike R.

all of the "testimonials" I read (and was skeptical about) are true!!! Truck runs better than ever! it's a shame GM can't tune the truck to run the way it's running now... Getting much better mileage too... and I just love going up hills now and NOT having to keep adding throttle to maintain speed - it just pulls!!! I will be pointing all of my Sierra/Silverado buddies your direction!!!
– Scott B.

Super happy with the tune! I did not like how hard the engine shifted with the stock diablo tune. Felt like it was better than stock but still not right. Yours feels so much smoother and powerful! and just overall better! Thanks again!
– DJ

Thanks! car runs and pulls a LOT better than the tune I got from Ted (Jannetty)!!
– Delwin G.

The custom tune is great! super happy with it... haven't been able to keep my foot out of it long enough to realize a true mileage difference yet. I was disappointed initially when I loaded the Diablo Performance Tune but your custom make the whole package completely worth it for me... thanks a bunch man!
– John R.

Holy crap Lew! First drive on your tune and its amazing! Thank you!! I'm stunned!
– Joe H.

You must be some kind of damn wizard, because I just got 19 mpg on my commute, with no AFM. Used to get 16.5 if I was lucky. The pedal response and power puts GM to shame.
– Aaron T.

Lew, I don't know how to say this but your TUNE is out of this world with the performance of my truck. I was shocked when I went to see how she would act to pushing it from a roll and shocked even more when the tires chirped at 45 MPH. I lifted the truck and put bigger tires on and never thought of that happening. My mileage is back up to 18 MPG and could be better if I didn't like pushing to feel the power and the shifting is smooth. It was never that smooth from the factory. Your customer service is the best, you are fast at getting back to people and are patient with people when they don't grasp it at first. I would recommend you to everyone I know for sure and more if possible. Thank you again for what you do.
– Brian G.

I got my diablew tuner last week and loaded the canned tune, then Lews custom tune... I will say it unlocked the beast for sure!!! Yesterday it really started settling in and my gas mileage in town has gone up to 17.8, with DOD turned off! It has so much power now and like you I am not into my truck for racing, BUT I did run across a "fixed" up old fox body mustang weaving in and out of traffic with his loud exhaust and such. Got behind him at a light and he did his take off thing, like he blowing by everyone and feeling fast. I pulled up beside him and I gassed it and as I was going by him, I heard him gass it. I pulled about 5 car lengths on him, till 100 mph, then check this out!!!! I kept going and got up to 135 and all he could do is pull up to my rear door.....first off I couldn't believe my truck was going that fast, I mean really? A lifted truck doing 135.....I was laughing so hard.....cause he couldn't even pass me. Now I am sure I will never do that again, but man that was FUN!!!! Anyways, I have never done the tune thing for any vehicle, but the diablo with Lew, is the way to go!!! I could tell a difference with the can tune from the diablo tuner, but an even more difference, between lews tune and the can, not to mention between lew's tune and stock......IT IS A BEAST NOW!
– Scott W.

I know you hear it all the time, but it's true. My truck is totally different since that last tune! I can't believe you shaved nearly two seconds off my zero to 60!! Unbelievable!!! I was worried that not using the AFM would hurt my mileage, but I still average over 20 mpg back and forth to work. If I can keep my foot out of it... Thanks and keep up the great work!!
– Curt M.

Thanks for the Awesome tune! Your service is EXCELLENT! Truck runs like a raped ape, now. I drove 300 miles today averaging 80 mph. I have never been able to get better than 11 might usually, but today when I checked my mpg I was amazed. 14.7 mpg! Thanks again, I will recommend you to all my friends and family with a GM vehicle.
– Nole A.

Only a few miles on the car and it is already completely transformed and a blast to drive! I am very impressed!
– Chad O.

Man I just want to tell how great this WHOLE experience getting my truck tuned has been. You have answered all of the questions I've had even before I placed my order. As soon as I ordered you responded to me and got all of my info and the next morning I had my tracking number and 2 days later my INTUNE showed up. I logged my first set of data on Saturday afternoon and you had my new tune to me by Sunday morning and the best part of all I have a totally different truck. I was worried because I put a small lift on my truck with bigger tires that it would always lack something but boy was I wrong it runs way better now than it ever has. I have always run box tuners on my trucks but nothing has ever come close to what you did to my truck. IF I can keep my foot out of it, it gets better mileage now with the bigger tires than it did stock and runs way better... Thanks again for all of your help and I will recommend you every chance I get.
– Jason T.

Let me start out by saying I'm currently driving a 2002 Silverado Z71 5.3 with 3 in. leveling kit and 33 inch tires. I purchased the intune a couple of months back and installed the canned "diablo" tune on the truck. I definitely noticed a difference right from the get go with throttle response. Before the tune I was averaging about 13-14 mpg with a mixture of city/hwy driving. After the can tune it went up to 16 mpg. Once I saved up the funds, I purchased Lew's custom tune and all I can say is HOLY BEJESUS!!!! He woke something up. The truck's throttle response is ridiculous and it shifts so much better. I'm now getting over 17 mpg in mix driving. What's even better is the previous owner of the truck had the catalytic converters cut out and it was throwing a O2 code and the Check Engine Light was constantly on. Lew was able to take care of that and bypass it for me. No more light. I've done the math and I'm literally saving on average $10-$15 at the pump every fill-up. Hell, it'll pay for itself in no time. Anyway, I thought I would share some info on an older truck. It was definitely worth the money. Thanks Lew!!!!
– Travis F.

I am beyond impressed with this tune dude! I took a 200 mile round trip yesterday and got 19 mpg!!!!!! Before the tune I was getting 15.5 at best.
– Travis F.

This thing runs SSSSSOOOOOO much better so far, I'm like a kid on Christmas day!
– Jason T.

Alright Lew i must say when I started researching tuners/custom tunes I was skeptic that a tuner for a gasser would even be worth it... But after reading everyones post after post on the forums about Lewtunes, I said what the F is a lewtune! lol. I decided to go for it. My truck is like night and day now! The diablo 87 tune was very minimal, but your tune is very impressive. I took her out and she gets up and goes. I thought i was riding in my buddies dmax for a minute lol. ...it takes off very nicely and the shifting is nice and firm. Thanks a million Lew!
– Dave S.

All I can say Lew is WOW!!! Definite difference, pulls harder, shifts smoother, no hiccups in shifting and sounds better. You are the man, you are the man!!! Thanks for bringing the car to life!
– Travis P.

Hey Lew, I'm not sure what you did in that last custom tune, but I swear my truck is WAY faster than the first one!!! Hahaha. I installed it this morning before going to work and took her up on the freeway. Man, she hauls ass! I was already over the speed limit before the end of the on ramp! Thank you soooo much! She runs like a champ now! I couldn't imagine her running any better! Thank you so much! :)
– Mike R.

I just loaded my custom tune by Diablew and this is what a Stingray should perform like from chevy. The car is like a different car the throttle response is awesome and it rockets up to 6 grand like a RAPED APE. Thanks Lew just an awesome job!! Holy Cow dude this car is a beast!! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!
– Marshall P.

It's wonderful, Lew. Totally different truck, and I couldn't be happier! Love everything about it, honestly. Doing the WOT run was a real eye-opener! First time I've really unleashed it, and I was grinning like a kid on Christmas morning :D Again, this has been a fantastic experience, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything about your work. The world needs more business-people like you.
– Neil W.

You did an amazing job! I really like the firm shifting, and the low end throttle response. The Diablo tune was an improvement, but your custom tunes really woke the truck up! She flat out rips! Thanks again!!
– Matt R.

It's like night and day difference from stock! I can't believe how much they disable these trucks from the factory. It's not safe when you have to make a turn at a busy intersection and your truck wants to stay in 6th gear. Before the tune I was always having to push the overdrive button to get it to stay in lower gears, but now it drives the way I want it to and It always finds the right gear. No more overdrive. My mpg are about half a mile better even with my aggressive driving habits! Overall it was definitely money well spent and I'm very satisfied! Thanks!
– Tom S.

Just an update, car is running great again! The ecm was probably WAY off from driving out of tune for close to 2000 miles. It's really responsive now and seems to be back to normal except with the additional power of the tune and headers! :) Thanks again, for all the time invested so far and the fantastic tune that straightened all the issues out first try!
– Jared P.

She's driving awesome. I could feel a difference with the canned tune but your custom tune is definitely above and beyond that. Without a doubt good money spent. And thanks for your tips about the gasoline too, I've only been running 89 octane ever since you told me that. I appreciate all the help Lew!! You can count on me spreading the good word about your work on SilveradoSierra dot com :)
– Liam B.

She drives great, nice and smooth! Great power band, pulls tows great. Carried several loads around 3k lbs over the summer and she didn't even flinch at it! Loving it!! All my friends have been impressed with it too! Thanks for all you do!
– Jeremy N.

I put 30 miles on her and am truly humbled so far. I did notice an increase in low RPM torque and overall general pulling power. My biggest eye opener was the transmission as it's night and day better than stock and Diablo's canned tune... Thanks again for everything and EXTREMELY satisfied so far!!!
– Louis T.

Truck feels great when i step on the gas now! Huge difference! Thanks again I appreciate it!
– Greg P.

I can tell a huge difference. 1 and second gear work much better together. And on the highway much better for passing and such. Its like it woke up that 8th cyl. Great work!
– Keith M.

Right off the bat I notice the throttle delay is gone. I also notice it pulls right from the bottom, no longer feels like it is second gear from a stop... I notice the shift points have changed - it pulls 1st all the way to 6000 rpm, almost reaching 50 mph! With just a hokey stop-watch-with-my-smart-phone test 0-60 looks like about 10 seconds. Not bad for a 6800 lb truck on 37" tires with stock gearing! I can't wait to drive it some more! Thanks again! This is awesome!
– Rob K.

The truck pulls strong and shifts smooth. I don't have the sluggish take off anymore. I'm glad I bought the Diablo tuner.....but most definitely glad I got a custom tune from you... You definitely are the MAN with your tunes and customer service! I've been telling my fellow Soldiers with GM vehicles to look you up. Once again Thanks!
– Jeff S.

I'm not really sure what the hell you did to my truck with that last tune but man!!!…what a difference!!! The first words to myself were "HOLY SHIT"...LOL!!! ...it's like everything is in beautiful harmony!!! Thank you and your the man!!!
– Louis T.

Truck is feeling Great!!! I didn't think a small 4.8L V8 could have so much kick with a custom tune! It made a whole lot of difference! The 1-2 and 2-3 shifts are quick/crisp and engage firmly, not too hard but you can feel them for sure. I like how it shifts at wot at around 5750rpm, today was the first time I wot it throung 2 full gears and it went and still had some when 3rd gear came around. The mid range (2000-4000rpms) is where I am 95% of the time and it has a great powerband in that range. I am a satisfied customer! Thank you!
– Louis G.

Runs great! shifts are firmer. I have a 30ft gooseneck trailer and i run a pulling truck so i had it hooked up the other day, huge difference! I do believe my gas milage went up. I hate rolling those big tires over but it sure is fun lol!!! I had a hopped up diesel before and i think this truck now would make it cry in a 1/4 mile. Can't say thanks enough Lew, job well done!!! I'VE ALREADY told a few people here lew tune without a doubt!
– John T.

Got about 50 miles on it so far, so not conclusive of course....but WOW. Hard to describe, but where I used to feel like there was a drive-by-wire lag when I quick dipped the throttle, that is completely gone now! Throttle response now feels a lot more like a physical connection to the pedal than it did stock. Also noticed the changes in the trans responses...crisper upshifts, and quicker to downshift with quick throttle application. Already the truck is much friendlier for real world driving conditions and the way I like my vehicles to respond. Great stuff, Lew! Thanks!
– Neil W.

I'm loving the way it drives; it's more responsive, pulls harder, and I love the way it shifts. It feels like it performs the way it should from the factory, so overall I'm seriously pleased with the results!
– Brett C.

Just 40 miles last night but all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW! More power and shifts much better! Thanks for all your hard work!
– Jeff H.

Awesome! So far it's great! Last tank, I got 19.5 mpg, I usually get 14-15. It's got a lot more get up and go and yesterday making a uturn the back end broke loose and squealed the tires. I've never been able to do that before. I'm very happy with it! Thank you.
– Austin F.

As far as drivability, the transmission shifts very smooth and the shift points seem spot on. Bottom line, I really like how transmission is set up. Smooth, definitive shifts, good transition through the gears and excellent acceleration. You never get the feeling that you're overrunning a gear's ability to deliver power before it shifts up' and the next gear picks up right where the last gear left off - no lag or hesitation. As far as the motor goes, I definitely feel a lot more torque all through the gears. From a standing start, there is no need to really push the pedal to develop a quick acceleration. Take-offs aren't mushy and you don't need to go into passing mode to launch. Acceleration doesn't pin you to your seat but you definitely feel the G's 1st through 3rd and more so when it kicks down into passing gear. Really put the fun back into driving for me. I don't know how much horsepower this motor can develop but I run out of road way before I run out of motor. Definitely a good thing!
– William W.

She is amazing! Very noticeable difference; smoother and faster feeling. Even went from 18.5 mpg avg to 20.25 mpg (mix of city/hwy and WOT). Thanks, Lew!
– Darryl W.

It's freaking awesome! She feels great and it makes the regular diablo tune look like chicken shit lol. It did feel like it was pullin strong all the way through and could have just kept going. I notice a LOT more top end power now too.
– Nick E.

Aw she feels great man, more great work, I really appreciate it! Definitely a lot more power, before it all it would bog like hell, and before any mods it struggled to get to 100, lol not anymore haha. Thanks again!
– Andrew M.

It is running really well. I am happy with the power and drivability. I am very happy with your work. You're an ace! Please feel free to use my positive comments. I intend to let Diablosport know how happy I am with your support. I am not a facebooker and don't have a clue how to "like" somebody, but my experience has been 100% positive.
– Lee B.

The truck runs real good. It pulls strong thru mid range. I love how it puts you back in the seat!!.... I appreciate all you have done! You have the best gig going man. I see your name on most GM forum boards I read. Your customer service sells your product itself!! Thank you again!
– Eric A.

This thing pulls hard and the response is amazing. I only downshift about a third of what I was and it has plenty of power.
– Scott N.

Good deal, your tune kicks a$$ man. This is how Chevy should've made the car from the start, I could tell a little difference each time I would do something to the car, but the tune really made them come together. I take people for a ride and they can't believe how strong the car is now thru every gear. It always had plenty of low end, but know the mid-range really makes the car fast. It has constant pull, 4th gear feels like it pulls as hard as second did when I first got the car. Really satisfied with the purchase of the custom tune.
– Shawn R.

Feels great! Pulls harder through the gears, runs smoother & I'm loving it! Good good dude! Thanks I appreciate it! Thanks again !! Lew she pulls harder through the gears, runs smoother , seems quicker, sounds a lot better. I wouldn't have thought that but it does. I had my 492 stroker Dyno tuned in & it was a night & day difference. the same comparison with your tune, runs great!!
– Richard Z.

Thanks, Lew. She's running (like my dad says) like a spotted-ass ape! ...It feels, to me, like it has gained a considerable amount of power since we started this project. I can honestly say that the money spent on the tuner and your services seem to have been well spent... It's definitely been a pleasure doing business with you as you seem to really care about your customers and their concerns. You've answered questions for me that have nothing to do with the service you offer. That, my friend, keeps customers coming back! Again, I appreciate all you've done!
– Nickey Y.

It pulls a lot harder through out the rpm range and just feels more alive. Plus I average around 20mpg on the hwy now. I did alot of research before buying a diablo tuner and one of the big selling points was the custom tuning. I am very happy with the tune. You do fantastic work thanks alot Lew!!!
– Nick D.

I have only driven about 10 miles so far but the car off throttle/part throttle feels ten times better! there should be some serious gains under the curve for sure!!... So far i am VERY impressed with your work! Car feels like it should've from day 1!
– Dick L.

HOLY CRAP!!!! The truck feels so much stronger! ....Thanks again for the super quick response and making this process extremely easy! I will recommend you on all the boards!!
– Rob W.

Oh man she pulls like a bat out of hell! Before the tune if I nailed it from a stop it just sluggishly started to go, now if I give it more than part throttle it spins the rear tires :D. Absolutely love it! Fuel economy looks like its about the same/up maybe .5 - 1mpg, but I'll know more in the summer when I start going on long trips. No issues to report other than an occasional sputter right at startup when the temp is below 30 degrees, but thats probably just the ECU trying to compensate for the first breath of really, really dense air. This thing absolutely flies now. Can't thank you enough!
– Drew C.

Dude! Best money I've ever spent! Already woke the beast up! It opened my eyes when I hit a wet spot doing 60 wide open throttle and kicked em loose! Can't wait for more! Thank you!
– Jordan B.

Thanks man, it drives totally different even from the last time we just did the ecm a few months ago. It's more responsive and now shifts way freakin better. The truck is awesome now, thanks so much!
– Lon R.

Truck runs really great! WAY more responsive in the low-mid range! Really fun to drive now, wish I would have done this years ago! We got back the power we lost due to the wheel/tire change and then some... Anyhow, you've been a pleasure to work with. Thanks for all your help Lew. Your services were well worth the money!
– Roland M.

...This truck feels completely different. I have no idea what you did but when I first installed the canned Diablosport tune I was very impressed but that quickly started to change. Every step of the tuning process the truck felt better and better. The throttle response is insane. The overall power is ridiculous. The shift points and firmness makes me feel like I'm getting ready to take flight. This truck screams now. I am also shocked at how responsive and helpful your services have been. I read a lot of things about you before I made the decision to purchase your custom tuning services and couldn't believe some of the people saying that you were highly responsive and always responded to emails quickly. I was completely wrong. I don't know how you do it but almost every time I email you I hear back from you within 30 mins and sometimes only 5 mins. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is or what day of the week it is. You are truly amazing at what you do and I am very happy with you extremely reasonable pricing for how much time you spend making sure everything is perfect. I will recommend you to everyone I know because point blank I don't see how anyone else could be better. Thanks for everything you have done. I'm one happy customer!
– Drew B.

It drives and feels great! No holes/peaks in the tune, very smooth power delivery, you do good work! I used to race, mod, and tune my own Talon TSi several years back so I typically know a well tuned car when I see it. I did a two car pass today, started at 60 MPH in 4th and by the time I pulled back into my lane I was doing 106. The thing just doesn't stop pulling no matter how fast you go! And I'm seeing 1-3 MPG more, depending on how I drive. All around I'm very pleased and you've been a pleasure to deal with.
– Wes J.

All I can say is wow! Throttle response is awesome! Revs so much faster, and doesn't have to down shift near as much for power I can just roll on the throttle now for power. Haven't been able to do that since I got the 35's on. Even has that little crackle on the let off that I love. Well worth $135...I was considering doing an engine swap to the 6.2 before this, thanks for saving me some money. I got a buddy with basically the same truck...I'll let him know he needs to talk to you! Thanks again for your work!
– Christian M.

I have to say the car runs great...WOW! Very strong/harder pull through the rpm's...passing on the highway throws me back in the seat and hurls the car forward...I have a new level of respect for this car! Tranny shifts are more defined and with more punch! Thanks!
– Domenic S.

The changes from before and after are amazing!! You do good work!! Long story short, I have always had F150's. This is my first Silverado. Overall the truck is ok. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the 5.3 yet. Don't get me wrong, as I said, now compared to before is worlds of difference! Again, the improved response, get up and go, and overall driving after you have done our magic is GREATLY appreciated!! THANKS!!
– Brian B.

I have driven the car a few hundred miles on this tune. the car is MUCH more responsive.....off idle, passing, climbing hills, the works. not only great throttle response, but much more power. more torque down low and also mid range. more horsepower on top end and the mid range when torque is surpassed by horsepower. very nice. all in all a very noticeable improvement.......sort of like adding more "Corvette" to my Corvette.because now it is much more "Corvette" than before your tune. thanks for the great job.
– Terry K.

You are the man, the work you do makes a brand new truck even more fun and enjoyable to drive. The things you do to the tcm is awesome too, even though I don't really think a 4x4 truck needs to bark 2nd gear, but that's only at WOT for the most part. It is nice to be able to beat up on people that think this big truck ain't got shit, well I got diablew!!!
– Majjordog

the experience gained and the performance gained, to this point, have made it well worth while. i am still surprised at how big a difference this tune performs over the Doug @ ECS mail order tune. WOW - quite a difference! this has, so far, exceeded my expectations.
– Terry K.

You're the man Lew. She feels like a totally different beast! I can't even believe it. The cat-back exhaust and the CAI, made me feel a slight difference, but man as soon as I loaded your tune on it, I was blown away. I absolutely love how she drives man. Now I see why everyone swears by your work. I will be doing the same from now on. Thanks again man, I really do appreciate your work. The turn-around time was unreal as well. Couldn't be happier man.
– Rob S.

I actually have the Diablo Trinity with Lew's custom tune and I have to say that it is definitely worth every penny. I installed the canned 93 octane Diablo Tune on my 2011 Z06 and right away I noticed much better throttle response, slightly better acceleration, and of course CAGS was disabled. I drove the recommended 150 miles on that tune, then did my data logging and sent the required files to Lew to work my custom tune. I've only had the custom tune installed for about 25 miles but I will say the car pulls much harder through all the gears. I sent Lew my files on Saturday expecting to get the custom tune back early this week and I was pleasently surprised when Lew e-mailed me my custom tune yesterday Sunday! So far I'm extremely happy with the Trinity and the customer service has been outstanding. Great job Lew!
– Rlp6162

I have to agree that Lew is worth every penny. Firstly, I have never experienced better customer service anywhere. This guy responds within like 10-15 mins, no matter what time of day you email him! Secondly, his custom tune is a definite gain over the canned diablo tune, which itself is pretty impressive. Lew has been tweaking the low throttle part of my tune since I installed the headers, and so far it feels better each time I get a new tune from him. He sent me a new one the other night (the 3rd one so far) and I am very impressed with how the car feels now. When my car was stock, it could hardly turn the tires. Now, it will rip the tires in 1st and through 2nd gear until it shifts into 3rd. I launched it a couple of days ago in manual shift mode and had it bouncing off the limiter before I could shift it into 2nd. And Lew hasn't done the WOT tweaks yet. I can't wait to do a proper WOT log and get him to tweak it further. Once he has done the WOT tune for me, I am going to order a Trinity from him and have him convert the Intune tune to the Trinity format, as my brother wants to buy my Intune now for his Camaro. I would recommend Lew to anyone who wants a custom tune with a Trinity or Intune. This guy is the real deal. Thanks Lew!

Absolutely no hesitation, no bogging, quick throttle response, as well as improved power. You must have done this once or twice..haha!!
– Stan P.

I purchased a 2003 chevy silverado 5.3 V8 on december 28th 2012. I was getting roughly 11-13 in town and about 16 on the highway. Gas was killing me and I knew i needed to change something. After many days of researching forums I realized what I needed to do. I put on a cold air intake, shorty headers, high flow direct fit cats,and a gibson catback, with new 02 sensors. After all of that I read custom tuning needed to be done. I tried just about every tuner on the market before realizing I would need part specific tuning. I found Diablew Tune online from the chevy forums and Lewis began helping me. Not only did he write a complete custom tune for me, he also helped me diagnose a problem with my vehicle running at max fuel trims due to a faulthy MAF sensor. That was an easy fix and everything runs smoothly. After a few tweaks here and there for the tunes and driving logs I am currently getting almost 26mpg on the highway and roughly 20mpg in town. Yes nearly, a 10mpg increase from the part additions and custom tuning. This will pay for itself in 9 more months of driving, based on what I am saving on fuel. Thanks again Diablew!
– Joe P.

Damn you're good! :-P She feels great man, always chirps second. Even a little tire spin when flooring it from a stop. Very impressed with your work!
– Chris E.

It's very good. I'm happy with it. It's scary dropping the hammer. You dont even need too that often. It feels so much more powerful in the low end and it just goes without downshifting. Thank you again!
– Adam

Driving great! I can feel the biggest difference on low to mid throttle. Got her up to 140 mph the other day without skipping a beat! Thanks for your help and your time. Great job!
– James M.

Like you said Lew, the car keeps performing better and better with each tune. Fantastic job so far! I don't even want to drive my 76 LeMans anymore. It does 14 in the quarter and now seems slow. My GXP is gonna blow it away. So glad I bought this programmer.
– Terry P.

Awesome! It drives really good. Keeping my foot out of it I've been getting 20.3 mpg which is amazing considering 93 is 3.89 right now. Tonight was the first I did a full throttle like that since fixing the differential. Man grabbing second gear lit the tires up, started to get a little side ways before the stability control kicked in. I feel like if I had that off I could probably fry the tires thru third. The tune you've given it is awesome man. Great throttle response, good midrange pull, awesome top end and incredible gas mileage. You sir have nailed it. Thanks again for all your efforts.
– Steve M.

she runs like a scalded ass ape! Can't thank you enough!
– Bill R.

Feels great! Completely different from stock. It is like you fed the ecm Ritalin, and now the truck pays attention and responds much more predictably and faster. I don't hate the drive by wire as much anymore. Power feels good, trans activities are phenomenal. Overall very pleased with the tune and the conduction of your services! I feel like you are achieving the full potential for my truck, and doing so in a manner that is affordable and as timely as possible. I've never been disappointed with your email response times. Bottom line is that I was a skeptic, but now I believe!
– Clint D.

b4 the last 320 miles I filled up with 91 at a Tesoro, cleared the avg mpg and I'm not babying it cause I like sound of the CAI I got from you! wow! 21.3 mpg! I'm impressed... I love the tune u did man thanks.. Thanks again you the man lew!
– Wesley H.

I greatly appreciate the process and your professionalism! It definitely woke the car up. After the first file I couldn't wipe the smile off my face but didn't want to say anything till we got it all finished. Pulls hard in any gear at any rpm and def takes off like a slingshot! Most of all though, I love the ROAR, it seems to have a more pronounced ROAR when i get on it and I love it! Thanks again!
– J. R.

Brother you are THE shit! I have had dyno tunes done on several cars including my previous C6 and they don't compare to this. One of those was a GTO with a crazy cam. Can't wait to get the headers and Borlas on it now. Whoot!
– Matt P.

I had the truck chirp the 33 inch tires I got on there when it shifted from 1st to 2nd. The custom tuning is definitely the way to go and SO worth the money!!!
– Ethan P.

The truck feels great! Whatever you did with the TCM was amazing! That 1-2 shift at WOT that I was telling you was harsh on the DS forum is all cleaned up now. Nice work sir!! The part throttle shifts are good too, and it seems like the truck is much happier. I am also showing an increase in mpg's which I track manually. I know it's just the first tank, but they are the best that they have been since bought the truck @ 17.8 mpg!
– Dave R.

Thanks man - you're awesome! I think she's the fastest heffer on the road!!! 0-60 is a thing of beauty; a rolling start onto on-ramps is great; steady cruising at 55 to 65 the truck is happy, and when I need to be evasive and get on the gas the power is more than there; ...the truck feels so smooth at 90 you'd think you were going 65... All and all I couldn't be happier! You are the rockstar of the tune and I am truly grateful!!! :)
– David L.

the ECM tune alone that you done has gotten me better gas mileage than before and the power now keeps a wide grin on my face. Keep up the awesome work! Thank you!
– Greg W.

Lew there is a monster under the hood! That truck now eats raw meat and washes it down with octane. What a difference! This is going to be fun putting the first 150 miles on it. Thanks!!
– Jonathan W.

hey man! That last tweak you did after getting rid of the cats gave this truck ANOTHER kick in the ass! Your work is amazing!
– Justin H.

HOLY CRAP DUDE! I WISH I KNEW WHERE YOU LIVED SO I COULD COME SHAKE YOUR HAND!.... She pulls even more smooth, and straight through the whole rpm band... You are a genious with a tune! if you can make it work that good almost stock I cant wait and see what it gets like with some more minor mods like CAI and headers!
– Marc R.

Thank You!!! Did some "performance" driving today after about 30 miles on the truck... Wow!!! Shifts are spot on. Around town, nice/smooth - At WOT 5,600 rpm - solid shifts, no lag... Off the line, steady acceleration and then 3/4 pedal = good pick up and shifts... Truck has nice pedal to acceleration feel... I know it's not a Corvette, or Camaro, or some high performance car - It weighs 5,500 lbs and has 3.73 gears... But I love the way the truck performs! and I got 1 mpg better on this last tank of gas...Not bad! Thanks again, :-)
– Allen A.

She feels great. It is such a big jump from stock to intake, headers, and exhaust that it is hard to tell how the tune is. She feels much more consistent with the new O2 sensors though. Pulling strong, idles smooth. Throttle response is insane.
– Chris P.

the truck is performing so much better!! I'm definitely going to recommend you to all my friends!
– Julian J.

I tell yeah I can definitely feel a huge difference. I've been looking for stoplight races and last night I had a Vette pull up next to me. I knew I wouldn't be able to beat him but I thought what the hell......so the light turned green and we both took off kind of quick but not balls out, I heard him punch it and I did the same, strangely enough I jump up ahead of him about a half car length..... we went through about two and half gears and I was slowly pulling away from him. I'm not really sure how that happened but I know from the look on his face that he couldn't believe it either! Thought that was pretty cool!! I appreciate all your help and everything I read on the internet was correct...you are some type of car god!
– John F.

It's like a new truck, Lew! Throttle responses are significantly improved, as are my shift points... Thanks again for all your help and work!
– Josh D.

...Definitely much stronger!! Response is great!! Went to the track with it.. previous runs with the canned preset tunes were 13.45 @106mph in the 1/4... after your custom tune, I ran 13.27 @108mph!! Very happy, thanks man!!...
– Mike H.

I had my GTO diablew tuned by Lew last fall, He did a awesome job working with me, actually did the tune 4 times. Going to the dyno today I was hoping to make 325 at the wheels, my GTO is a manual btw. So the first pull dyno'd 324hp and 334tq, I was happy! Then the second pull did almost 328HP and 344TQ. I almost wished I would have done a 3rd... Brian at Reckart did the dyno and hooked up HP tuners just to check things. I told him who tuned it for me, and he said this was the best tune he had ever seen done over the internet, and its just about exactly how he would have set things. A/F was 12.4-12.5. He said the timing was a hair low though. So big thumbs up for Lew and his custom tuning skills with the predator!!!
– TmastGTO

Hey man! I finally got to take the baby for a long trip. You are the car genie - wish and it shall be granted! The truck does indeed go over 100 and still wanted more at 110. Without new sway bars, I was not trying that! Out of all the tunes, this one seems to give me the most versatility. Great at the light, nice and smooth cruising, tearing it up when passing, and the desire for more speed. She feels like a dragster too, then I will be through the moon! You have been awesome bud! Thank you!!!
– D. Leiderman

I installed the tune this AM on my way to work, and all i have to say is... Holy FUCKING WOW. It is like a different truck. My truck used to slam into gear all the time. It has never felt this smooth before. And up hill is a joke now, its like a flat. Unreal dude, unfucking real the difference. Thanks much!
– M. Kole

This is a totally different car from when I first bought it....amazing what you have done to it.. I still can't get over the fact that it's all done with e-mails on my laptop. I was scared of both of these purchases (predator & your tune) at first....now I'm just amazed!! You work wonders !! Thanks!!
– S. Norskog

WOW!!! My car is a completely different car now. I can't believe that you can do what you did through an e-mail!! Technology is amazing!! I can't wait for more! Thank You.
– Scott N.

I don't know what you did... but that thing feels better than it ever has!! It just feels better across the board! Amazing!
– B. Brown

My truck is running very well, it sounds good and pulls well. the get up and go in it is just crazy! Now thhat I am over the novelty of it, I am back to driving it normal. it seems like the gas milage is good. have not really checked it though. overall; I am VERY happy with the tune and the way it runs. money well spent.
– B. Knapp

I'll tell you, out of all the countless times I have driven to Boston, this was the most fun. My dad owned vettes growing up, and I had to work the throttle hard to have fun driving up there. With my tahoe, I stepped on the gas at 75 and I was at 100 in what felt like a second. This thing is a rocket ship with being a family truckster. I can't stop giving you kudos bud. You are the man! I am just so excited every time I drive the truck!
– DL.

The Tahoe rocketed like a vette and then I had to mash the brakes at 50. The city is a mess thanks to Obama's visit and the tree lighting. I'll tell you, it was the fastest few seconds I've had in that truck. Oh yeah that baby is insane! I may need to put bigger brakes on because it's no fun to have to lay off so quickly :) You have an insane talent - I tip my hat to you!
– David L.

Well I got my Diablew Tune in the other day and I must say that words do NOT do this man justice! Dude it rocks!! I just drove the truck around and man is it nice!!! Man I gotta tell ya, this thing is badass! I was laughing the whole time I was driving. :) I could sit here and tell you how badass my truck is now but it is something you would have to experience. Lew is a bonafide wizard with these tunes. If anyone has any doubts about using Lew for a custom tune, consider this your wake-up call! Thanks Lew!
– JMatthias

Drivin like a beast.. Its awesome to drive.. The throttle response is sooo much better now.. That thing really gets up n goes especially n the hole shot at a stand still now.. Not sluggish no mo' !!!! Thanks for the help Lew!
– BigDaddy

Put the new tune on and FUCK YEA!!! I can totally tell a difference from the regular Diablo tune. Put on about 50 miles tonight in a short period of time. You can totally feel more pull on just about everything, shifting is much smoother. All I can say is thank you VERY MUCH!
– Rob H.

Wooohoo! Got my Trinity and DiabLew tune in today, and it's amazing!! I only drove a few miles with the Lew tune, but what I did drive, I felt amazingness. The responsiveness is awesome, and the thing pulls like a beotch. It's awesome!
– JWMayes

I just wanted to publicly thank DiabLew for all the time and attention he gave me to make sure I was happy with my tune. The car is running great, getting better mileage than ever, and is much more fun to drive. I HIGHLY recommend him. Thanks!!!
– k9t8m

Sweet!! Its feeling a hell of a lot better than a few weeks ago! I actually feel like there's some power when I wanna pass someone now. Definitely better throttle response and a little better mileage. Thanks again man, it was definitely worth the cost! Thanks Lew, I appreciate everything you've done! Best money ever spent on any vehicle as far as performance.
– Kyle B.

I've been out driving all day and I just have to say, my Camaro feels like a different car... My top end was scary because it had so much power, then I realized I was only at 4000 rpms... When I got in the highway, I hit it doin about 70 already and it pinned me back in my seat, it was awesome... I couldn't be happier with how much power I have now... My tires (or what's left of them) on the other hand don't feel the same way :-)
– Josh L.

Got the custom tune installed. What a difference! I'm almost thinking my truck is funner to drive than my 71 GTX 440-6. It carries the front end through 2nd gear, just as it settles in, it hits 3rd and up it goes again! Wow! I'm impressed, the best $125.00 I've spent. Thanks Lew!
– B. Hermann

I drove my car some more yesterday and then again this morning to work. Your custom tune is awesome! The Goat gets up and goes now! It's alive!! Now when I'm driving my car, I feel that it does exactly what I expect it to do when I hit the gas. I'm really happy with the work you've done on my tune. I'm impressed with the quality of service that you provide. I look forward to working with you more in the near future.
– E. Zirkle

I installed the tune this morning and drove the car to work. It's about 20 miles. I got on the gas at a stop light and holy shit!!!!! This is a monster!!! Absolutely awesome. Thanks again!
– T. Whitman

I also wanted to share with you that a few weeks ago I dyno'd the car and your tune made 11 horsepower and 14 pounds more torque than the slp 455 Bobcat. AFR was perfect and Bobcat ran way lean. I ran both at the track and had a 1.89 60ft with the bobcat and had a 1.84 with your tune. I also get 24 mpg highway. Your tune rocks! Thanks!
– Jerry

Wow...just wow! The throttle response is instant, and even the shifting seems firmer. I punched it at 100 mph, it hammered down a couple gears and launched to 140 in what seemed like seconds. Well done, Lew...well done. This car would DESTROY my old SRT-8. Thanks a million!
– Keith

I did get to do a run today with the new tune in the car and I am totally blown away! YOU DA MAN! I have had a grin from ear to ear all day long! Now that is how my Camaro should have come from the factory! Am just blown away that I spent $40,000 for a muscle car but $125 turned it into a monster! Hands down the best $125 I ever spent on the car! Was so excited had to run over to the local shop and check on my headers and exhaust... Anyway I am totally stoked already, cant wait till we get it fully tweaked in.
– G. Limbacher

Runs awesome. As a testimonial the first thing I was wondering was "How could a custom tune really do that much more?" Well it can. With the diablo tune and the adjustments an individual can do I ran from the 60mph time at 5.23 after installing the initial tune from diablew I ran 5.02. In auto from complete stop, motion start and just put it to the floor. Well worth the money. Let alone all the other customizing that can be done.
– Slowpoke

Hey that tune definitely runs great!! I can definitely feel the power now, bottom end and top end really improved it'll bury the needle pretty easy where before it seemed to not wanna go past 105. Im really satisfied and impressed thanks man!!
– Bill C.

Compared to the Diablo Tune, what I notice most is that it is smoother all around. Compared to the stock tune, it idles a WHOLE lot better. Mileage is up. Other points are that it now seems to have a somewhat fatter power band. Low end torque seems about the same, but throttle response is better, quicker. However, once the RPMs rise and the power increases I can feel a more steady surge of effort than before. I REALLY like having a higher redline. The car just seems more happy, like a well tuned athelete who just took off a restrictive business suit that was holding him back.
– R. Cummings

All I can say is wow! I couldn't wait so I loaded the new tune and it is crazy. It feels like I dropped a newer, bigger engine in the truck. It's got a lot more power off the line, low end and high end speeds. The truck even sounds better. Best modification I've ever done to any of my trucks. Thanks again!
– Steven R.

You almost killed me :) And it was awesome! I was in a 4 lane city street in the far right lane, and needed to get one lane over since my right lane was blocked. Normally I would wait, but I thought I'd punch it and see if I could get in front of the other car... My truck took off like a bullet! The G80 locker kicked in and tires pushed me forward so fast the rear end broke loose and I flew forward at an angle... I LOVE THIS TUNE!!! HAHA. THANKS A MILLION! I will have my dad call you for a tune for his 03 avalanche soon!
– Scott P.

Lew -- I just wanted to say I have never been more impressed with the tune then I have been this week. Last week I had to set the truck back to the original tune and drop it off at the dealer. I got my truck back this Monday and didn't notice much of a difference having the original tune back on (at first). Rush hour, just going with the flow of traffic and trying to check that all the stuff was fixed on the truck. Once I got on the highway all the craptastic shifting was there, hit the gas and it tries to accelerate with out down shifting only to down shift 20 seconds later just as you start letting off the gas. At this point I knew there was a big difference but still didn't seem like a huge difference. The more I drove the truck with the stock tune the worst it seemed to get not better like with your tune.

I also watched the instant mpg reading and if it was in V8 or V4 mode. I noticed it would go into V4 mode and then instantly back out, with your tune and before we turned the DoD off I could cruse almost the whole way to work at 70-75mph and most of the time I would have been in V4 mode. I also noticed when I would get it to go into V4 with the original tune I would get between 25 to 32 mpg on the instant reading and in V8 I would get between 13 and 17. With your tune driving to work today (just installed it back on the truck with out driving it this morning and DoD is off in this tune) I was getting between 18 and 22 almost the whole time.

Last night after work I was heading to the fiancee's house and was stuck behind an idiot on her cell going 15 under the speed limit and traffic kept going around us. I was hesitant on gunning it to go around also as the rest off traffic was moving at the speed limit or faster. I finally had an nice gap in traffic and hit the gas to pas her, man am I glad I waited, truck tried to speed up for a little while then finally down shifted just to shift back. I thought my transmission was going to fall out I had gotten so used to having your tune in the truck. With your tune (even with out TCM support) it is a pretty instant downshift and pinned to the seat if you give it gas. I can't wait to get home and upload the modified tune you sent me to add DoD back on and take my trip to Austin tomorrow, going to be pure pleasure and some good mpg numbers compared to stock or even the standard Diablo Tunes. Again, thank you for your great work!

– SparkySparks

Well after a couple weeks of driving, I love it, the knock is gone, It doesn't knock under any circumstance. The performance is excellent and my MPG is 19 hwy. Before I upgraded the tool and looked into the knocking, I was getting 12 MPG hwy and the knock sound made me crazy. Just wanted to say great job and thank you. I am very pleased.
– SLarkin

Right on! i absolutely love it and can't say it enough haha! it runs extremely smooth, no hesitation, any speed of accelerating the rpms are steady with no hesitation like before the tune... i can definitely feel the added power! its a lot more peppy (i just touch the pedal and the truck jumps and wants to be unleashed hehe) honestly can't tell about the milage - REASON can't keep my foot of the pedal lol (honestly i think it increased a bit. Its a nice bonus cause the tires, lift and headers destroyed my milage) truck has no problem spinning the tires around the corners... all around i counldn't ask for more. the truck performs amazingly and i just can't believe how smooth it runs and drives. definitly should have done this the day i bought the truck and the best 100 bucks i ever spent! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
– Broden

Got the tune in the other night. WOW WOW WOW!! Maybe because I didn't ever finish the full process (WOT log/tune) but when I put this tune in, and took the car out for a drive...I immediately felt a difference. When I floor it the damn car is just WICKED. It used to almost feel slower at WOT than %75 (probably in my head) but now the car just liquifies the tires and puts me back in the seat from 60 and just wants to yank up to 100+. THANK YOU LEW!!
– Hurley

Just got back from a cruise Lew updated the tune today only one thing to say WOW!!! It just pulls hard threw all the gears and keeps right on pulling!! Thank you Lew!!!
– Mels SS

All I can say is wow. For a tune done via email, I can't believe how much it pulls out of the car. Cruising throttle response is better and there's definitely more power. WOT is a night and day difference. It really makes the best out of what it has now. 2nd gear is no longer the dead zone it once was and the car climbs to 100 with ease. For the money you can't beat it. It's probably the best dollar/performance mod done to the car. It really makes the best out of the CAI and Catless Pipe now.
– Valis

I have a 2010 Camaro I purchased new. I wanted a little extra POWER so a bought a Diablo Predator and downloaded the Tune. I still wanted MORE! I saw Lew's site and had him put a custom tune together for me. My camaro now runs great! Thanks Lew!
– Leo

It's literally feels like someone said to my car "Ok honey, wake up. It's time to school fords." All this hype about this 5.0 with bolt ons and tunes, blah, blah, blah, they need to beware of the LS3 Ver:2Lew. Saying it's night and day is an understatement, the exhaust note sounds WAAYYY stronger, I rip through gears like nothing and smoke tires at will! Now i have traction issues, GREAT!! LOL Time for some drag radials. I wanted to go nitrous but I'm so content with the way this car runs with full exhaust and cai, i wouldn't mind calling it a day! Thanks Lew, you are without a doubt the Man!!!! Glad you're on our side!!! (GM that is.)
– Luis M.

First of all, I can't say that I drive it that aggressively all the time. BUT, it pulls like a freight train through all the gears now! I can say it is scary fast and can't imagine wanting more power than it has now... In the past on the highway, I never really used 6th gear very much because it felt like the car was laboring too much. 6th is a very useable highway gear now. Overall it's a greatly improved car Lew, so thanks!
– Steve

I just got back from the test drive... I can not believe how powerful the car is now!! It is hard to find the words to express the power the car has now - much more aggressive now!! When you step on it the shifting feels great and aggressive. If you take it easy, shifting is much smoother than before. Also that the AFM is off made a big change in sound and driving. Before, I had to give 1/4 of throttle to get something moving. Now I have the same result with just a touch - like 1/6 of throttle. Thank you for the great work you did!!!
– Alex

Hey Lew! Thanks a million for all your work!! My truck is finally acting like a 370hp+ truck should act!! I can't say enough that my truck now acts like a 6.0L truck should act! It pulls harder across the board, shifts smoother and yet it's better on gas. Anybody who owns a VortecMax, or any other GM product, should definitely hire you!
– Nick
Lew, Just wanted to drop you a quick line thanking you for the great custom tune done for my ECM and TCM on my 2005 Corvette. It has awoken the beast that was hiding in my LS2. Once I had installed a catback exhaust, added a new intake manifold and CAI, your were able to custom tune it all, without the hassles of finding a dyno shop for what you were able to do via emails. The Diablo system was in my eyes the next best thing just short of paying for a full up dyno tuned vehicle. When your vehicles scares the hell out of you during WOT runs, you can’t help but smile once you get under 100! Thanks again for your great customer service and we'll keep on smoking 'em!
– Bill M.

I have been in the automotive collision repair industry for 25 years. In this industry we have to deal with trouble codes, scanning the computer systems in various vehicles etc. I decided to purchase a custom tuner. When I started looking, it was interesting to see how many options are out there. Most of the tuners do not claim horse power gain numbers. A person can get lost in the sea of information on performance tuning their vehicle. I was happy to find DiabLew Tune! Its been a few weeks since I loaded my final custom tune in my Silverado. I wanted to drive is for a bit to let everything settle in, and to get a good feel for the new driving characteristics of the vehicle. I will say that I am impressed! The truck drives smoother, shifts much better and sharper. As for performance, it runs much stronger then I thought it would. It is quicker in every way. From a dead stop, to using the power to pass someone. I can reach speeds over 100 mph on the freeway on ramp. My truck is now fun to drive. Lastly, the customer service is great! Lew will not leave you hanging. He gets back to you when he says he will (sometimes faster). Lew is also helpful to the customer in helping them understand how to load info, and data logging. Thank you so much Lew! I love the product & service!!
– James S.

WOW... I just took my truck for a quick drive! LOL WOW!! I almost don't know what to say!! It's like a night and day difference. I was already enjoying just the firm shift from the 93 canned tune... but now it's like driving a TOTALLY different truck! And to think I was starting to consider trading it in because I was getting tired of the way it drove LOL. I knew I was going to be satisfied with your tune after reading some reviews on the net, but it has exceeded my expectations by far!
– Jared B.

The expertise of Lewis becomes invaluable. Lew was able to provide me a custom tune with all the performance enhancements and leave TC enabled... (thiw was at the vehicle owner's request)i> ...So how does old yeller drive with the Lew tune? Much nicer. It’s definitely faster, but more than that, overall drivability is considerably better. The truck is noticeably more responsive and just more pleasurable and satisfying to drive. To sum up I’m very grateful to Lewis for providing me with an enhanced driving experience and for going the extra mile to resolve my Traction Control issue.
– John E.

All I can say is WOW! It idles much more smoothly. It has a lot more pep. It takes a lot less throttle to get it moving in traffic. The trans holds the lower gears much longer and no longer up-shifts way too soon like it used to. The trans always seems to be in the right gear in heavy traffic, no more bogging down. The truck will now hold 6th gear on slow inclines, even at 42-43 mph... It seemed to run better and better for the first 200 miles of the Lew tune. I have not checked my gas mileage but I think it should also be improved since it holds 6th gear better without downshifting and because I no longer have to mash the gas to get the truck moving in traffic. Bottom line; the truck now runs the way it should have from the factory. Money well spent. Thank you Lew!!
– Rob S.

Add another satisfied customer to the Lew tune database! 2011 Silverado 4x4, 5.3/6l80, cat back and intake tube. Smooth pull through all gears now, shifts like a trans should, and Lew even kicked the idle up a hair, which got rid of the rough idle. Havent noticed mileage increase around town, probably because my foot is in it more than normal. On the couple short interstsate trips I have seen the instant economy bounce into the 20s a lot more than it used to... Thanks again Lew, couldn't be happier!
– Scott B.

Lew wrapped up my 2011 5.3 a couple weeks ago. Couldn't be happier with the throttle response, torque, and especially shift points and firmness, and torque converter lockup points! Really moves through the gears easier and with much more authority, part throttle AND when its on the mat. Fuel economy is hard to tell as my city/highway varies greatly, but so far looks to have picked up maybe .5-1mpg in town. Haven't hit enough interstate to tell yet, but I definitely see the instant economy flash into the 20s a lot more than I used to. It will also knock the 265/70-18 Hankook Dynapro AT-Ms off from a dead stop with ease, which it wouldn't even think of doing before. Killer job, Lew, thanks again!
– Scott B.

Wholly F#$k just do it. I literally put like 10 miles on it and it's night and day difference. The transmission went from a piece of crap to a brick of gold. Spend the money now!
– Tom B.

Custom Lew tune installed today. This truck is not the same truck I drove off the lot a month ago! This thing feels close to what my Duramax felt like!! Don’t hesitate one bit on getting with Lew!
– Trey L.

I joined the club! 100 miles in to my custom Diablew tune and it's absolutely true what everyone says. The best way I can describe how the truck feels now is comparing it to a motivated, well trained hunting dog. Eager as hell to go and extremely responsive compared to the lazy house cat it used to be. I felt like I was asking too much of it before. Now, it WANTS to move... Thanks Lew!
– Tom S.

Lew you are the best! Thank you for taking my 2001 Camaro SS and turning it into a beast. The throttle response is wicked snappy and she now loves to lay rubber when she hits 2nd gear versus stock which was was a little scratch. I have seen 0-60 times drop from 5.5 down into the 4.7 range with the tunes! You are the best...
– Joe W.

The tune is amazing! Throttle response is awesome, upshifts are awesome, transmission is holding gears much longer... Car feels 100 times better than stock! GM needs you tuning at the factory!... Thank you!!
– Ricardo R.

OMG! I’ve been driving your latest tune for about 300 miles now and it’s outstanding! Gas mileage is up, it shifts better and smoother than stock and it’s got tons of power! it’s phenomenal! Thanks so much! I couldn’t be happier!
– Tyler R.

Your tunes have made my truck a joy to drive. After 4 years of dealing with the factory setup, your tunes now make my 80 mile one way commute to work something to look forward to. Your customer service is top notch also. I am not computer savvy, but your easy installs and detailed instructions were perfect for someone like me.
– Barton R.

Truck feels amazing Lew! It runs like a stabbed rat... It's honestly like having a brand new truck after your tune and the actual power you get out of these trucks with your work is pretty damn impressive!
– Kyle K.

Installed and test driven. I have to say, it's exactly what I was looking for. Cleaner, crisper shifts, smooth power and pulls until I have to let off for safety. Increased HP and MPG are non issues for me. What I wanted was for the car to USE what it had available and you have given me this. I can't thank you enough. Thank you again. Oh, and I will be sure to leave a good review on the web site.
– Jack W.

I gotta hand it to you man... I grew more and more to really hating my truck, I tried everything... Last option was a tune - never done this before, but I figured what the hell. If this don't work, I'll get rid of it. I appreciate everything you did, probably now the best running truck I have ever had!!! Thanks for everything!!
– Corey G.

My truck is outstanding now! I actually look forward to driving it! The throttle response is unbelievable and if I'm looking for a little more power, ITS THERE!
– Wyatt J.

Took it a couple miles and the difference already is HUGE! Smoother idle, the shifting is better than it has ever been in my opinion, and the hesitation/sputter at low speeds & idle is gone too! Thank you!
– Kory K.

Wow, not sure what voodoo you do, but it works. Truck runs like it was meant too! Thanks again. It was well worth the money.
– James E.

Thank you so much Lew! I really wasn't expecting to get as much as I did out of this! When I show my family how much power you unleashed, lets just say you will be one very busy man! lol You definately have a gift!
– Joe B.

Lew is very easy to work with and responds extremely quickly to emails. After purchasing the custom tune from Diablew, he sent me detailed instructions on the steps to send him the last tune written. The initial custom ECM and TCM tune was absolutely amazing and i was further shocked by the power and responsiveness from the engine and the paddle shifting of the XSMN as the fine tuning was in progress. I can't believe how much power and responsiveness is held back from the crappy stock tune from GM. After capturing and sending a few logs to Lew and getting a few tunes which he tweaked, the car is running very well and is a straight beast!! ...I would recommend getting a custom tune from Lew, especially if you have a A6 with paddle shifters!! Thanks!!
– Paul C.

Being based in the UK getting the car tuned can be a challenge as there are not many people who have the necessary experience with LS engines and Corvettes. Another option was a mail order tune but I didn't want my car to be off the road for a few weeks when the PCM was sent away, I also didn't want to pay extortionate international shipping and import duties/taxes etc so I started to look at handheld tuners. After plenty of research I ended up purchasing the Diablosport inTune with a custom tune from Lewis at Diablew Tune... After 150 miles I did the data logging and sent the file to Lew for his custom tune which was returned within hours and installed. Wow! What a difference! The car has been transformed with much better throttle response, a smoother and more manageable tranny and the butt-dyno is putting a big grin on my face. The car is pulling much stronger now and I can't believe the difference the custom tune has made. To top all that, the advice and customer service from Lew has been superb, he has sent me plenty of info and sorted out some minor issues I was having. If you are considering this approach for tuning your car give him a call - highly recommended! Thanks Lew!
– Colin G.

What a difference! Shifting is awesome... I left my buddy in the dust on the highway when we were going to up to the drag races in NH. and He has a dodge 2500 with a cummins... Before I had to keep it matted just to keep up. I even ate his lunch going up big hills! its FREAKING Awesome... Thanks!
– Rudy U.

I just wanted to say WOW!! You are awesome!! Big difference, runs better, acceleration way better, sounds so good, I stayed up past 2 a.m. driving around!! On a scale to 10, I'd rate you at 20!! Thanks again!!
– Larry A.

Holy Crap dude!! You're an amazing man. I have Never ....Never dealt with someone who's customer service is as good as your's!! ! There needs to be alot more people like you in this world. I would love to shake your and give thanks in person. Maybe it will happen one of these days. You have all my Respect. Car seems a hell of a lot smoother on the throttle as I'm going thru the gears . And it sure does have the power to pull the hills ...even in 6th gear. This thing is even more fun to drive now!
– Scott N.

Got the tune installed on the C7 last night and finally had a chance to take it out and drive it today. WOW!!! It's like a completely different car! ...feels more like a Z06 than a regular Stingray. I don't know what it is you do, but your custom tune makes a night and day difference in the car, even over the Diablo 93 Octane tune which I thought was a pretty significant upgrade over stock. Needless to say I am very happy with the results! :) Thanks again for walking me through the process and for offering this awesome tune to make the car run like it should from the factory!
– Brent M.

Lew, you are the man! I'm lovin' what you've done so far! The car is definitely much more responsive with your new tune... She's ALIVE!... I can't thank you enough! It's awesome to work with you sir! You are a wizard!
– Neil N.

The truck is running terrific! ...it's running and shifting great! Love the throttle response too! Great job Lew!
– Josh D.

MPG: Before:12.8mpg, now with tune:17.1mpg (wow!)... 0-60 2WD: Before: 8.2seconds (bone stock), now with tune: 7.8 flat... I also run a few dirt drags on a 200ft dirt strip... Best 0-60 in 4LOW has been 5.4seconds! Awesome job man!!
– Codi W.

WOW, these trucks REALLY respond to the tune! It feels like torque management is gone, and the truck shifts better and behaves the way I want it to. Very nice. I have no complaints! Holy crap lew. Not even the same truck now. Drove a brand new one today, basically identical (3.42 rear instead of my g80 3.73) and it wasn't the same vehicle at all in terms of driveability. The tune is perfect!!
– Corey S.

This is a sweet tune my friend!! the tranny never worked so smooth... This tune is getting more amazing every minute! even the exhaust noise is slightly changed I get a deeper roar :-) I am a happy camper, my are really great at what you do man! Thanks !!
– Dan R.

Vehicle is running great! I didn't expect the custom tune to be a big improvement but it was immediately noticeable. Acceleration is crisper, shifts are smooth and I no longer feel like I'm struggling to run 75-80, which is pretty good for a 3 ton vehicle with 1/2 ton of passengers and cargo!
– Joe W.

I IMMEDIATELY noticed that the delay in the throttle pedal was gone... I would say it reacts about the same as my old carbed small block 400. From a dead stop, it has always felt like it was in second gear until about 3000 RPM. Then it would start to pull hard. Now, it jumps and pulls hard immediately. The RPM climb is steady. It spun some of the wheels enough for the "traction active" notice to come on in the dash. I can assure you THAT has never happened before! and I did not notice the usual bog that comes with that... It just kept pulling hard. So far, I am very impressed, and really like the way it drives!
– Rob K.

Truck feels awesome! Definitely can tell there's more all around power. Also, love that the shifts are quick and firm, not banging into each gear like most aggressive tunes! No knocking like you said which was a problem when I had the canned tune and was running 91 octane. The knocking mostly went away when I switched from 91 octane to the E85, but now completely gone with your tune! Couldn't be any happier at this point. I did a lot of research before getting this tune and from all the reviews and forums I read, and now my experience, I can definitely say your service is top notch! Thanks for provided such an excellent service!
– Josh H.

I'm impressed with your tune - Very impressed! Just wanted to say thanks! I always see guys posting on your wall about their tunes but just wanted to say thanks for what you do! Keep up the good work!
– Ryan C.

Awesome man! its running good! I love my truck way more now. Haha I used to hate the way it would drive in traffic because the transmission used to feel so lazy and v4 mode kicking on and off but yeah the trucks way better now! alot more power and even better mpgs!
– Travis R.

Truck drives a SHIT TON better!!!!! I really like the 1-2 shift, doesn't feel like it falls on its face anymore, lol. The other shifts are working in as well, much better so far and getting even better!
– John C.

Man the car is wicked fast... great acceleration and pull threw the gears... I can already tell the difference between the canned tune and your tune... I don't no what you did, but damn i like it! Tune is outstanding! The absolute best 145 spent on a car mod... it really pulls a lot harder now, very impressed! Thx Lew...you are the man!
– Tommy S.

Hey bud, just wanted to say thanks for the awesome tune and great customer service! I've never had all my questions answered and tunes done as quickly and thoroughly as you did. As for the truck, I couldn't be happier with the way it runs! It really came to life, and gained 2mpg!
– Joe M.

I got to say im very impressed my man! idk what the hell you changed but its a big increase from what it was! ....Thanks man this is awesome!
– Will F.

My custom tune from lew is complete, 2004 std cab 5.3 LM7 2wd Silverado. Truck runs awesome its perfect for your daily driving and even better when you let it rip! Truck pulls hard throughout the entire power band. And when driving normally you can tell the truck pulls a lot more easily. I did the 93 octane premium tune and will be driving it on a 120 mile road trip tomorrow so I will see if there is any mpg gain. But overall big difference thanks a lot Lew!
– Kyle W.

I went from a school bus to a sports car! Un-friggin believable! You are the man! Lmao I read all the posts on the silveradosierra forum and have never seen a negative post so i knew i had to try it and glad i did! Drives great and like i said love the way it shifts now around town, and even more when you get on it! No hesitations when passing someone or just decide to speed up. Love it man! Money well spent, and GREAT JOB! Very happy with it. THANK YOU SIR!
– Scott W.

All I can say is WOW! I can't believe how much you woke this car up! It feels like it has more mods than it has. DiabLEWtune FTW! Thank you!
– Ric R.

WOW... I can only say WOW... It didn't take Lew ANY time to send back my tune. and WOW,,, talk about waking up my stock 5.3. I can't believe the dog I've been driving after Lew's new custom tune. I have to say, that Lew has been available to answer any questions (not that I've had any yet), but communication is fantastic! If you were holding out, pull the trigger. Thanks Lew!
– Bill S.

I was able to send the Log and Tune files to Lew at 3:15. I leave for work at 4:45 and won't access my email again until tomorrow morning, so I thought to myself - Well maybe the custom tune will be waiting on me when I get in to work in the morning. - To my surprise Lew responded within 5 minutes to let me know he rececived my logs. What's more, is after a total of 22 minutes I had my custom tune sitting in my inbox! I went out into the parking lot and installed the tune without a problem. I have to agree with everyone else... Lew's customer service is ridiculously good. Thanks again Lew!
– Roland D.

Compared to the Stock tune and your tune – I should be driving this SUV on a Drag Strip only. This truck moves... Very satisfied with all the you have been able to get out of this for performance. Really unbelievable! Thank you for all your hard work in keeping myself and thousands of others as "Overly Satisfied Customers..." Could only wish more businesses had your attitude toward customers... Came back from testing it from a standing start. First time "EVER" I witnessed the front end lift that much. There is no hesitation. From a rolling start to about 50mph was around 2 to 3 seconds (estimation)... if GM would have sold the SUV with this performance I'm sure it would have sold that much better... I'm a happy Camper!!!
– Joe W.

She feels pretty good! I got this truck to daily drive and tow my race car with it and now it's faster than my old daily driver mustang gt haha... Thanks Lew!
– Dan H.

I would also like to thank you, I have been nothing but pleased so far with your tune... the changes you made make my truck feel completely different than it did before. Even with just simple basic bolt on additions and your tune it feels leaps and bounds stronger than when it was entirely stock. I have noticed way better throttle response, increased fuel milage, overall just more power, and best of all I can now do a burnout without the road having to be wet! I did some research before selecting a Diablosport tuner, and the reviews online that I read of your tuning and customer service is what ultimately made me decide to go with Diablosport and then your custom tune, and I have not been disappointed! Again I just want to say thank you and I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who wants the most they can get out of their GM product!
– Kyle L.

Truck runs fantastic, powertrain is delivering plenty of power and all shift points are smooth. I am amazed at the power this truck has now considering the miles. Lew has provided a best in class product and superior customer service. I started inquiring about the tuner and his tunes in November of 2012 and asking him question after question and he never hesitated once to answer my questions. It wasn't until July of 2013 when I stepped up to purchase my inTune with Lew's custom tune package. Lew was more than helpful before and after my purchase and continues to be helpful 1 year and 4 months after my purchase. Get Tuned From DiabLew!
– Tony P.

2009 5.3l silverado owner here, debated on getting the intune forever. Finally did and can tune was ok but I was very impressed with lews custom tune! I am running 33in E load tires and getting 19+ mpg hwy and 15+city would get more if I didn't stomp it do much probably! Everyone thinking about it just buy it already what you waiting on?
– Brad S.

My truck runs like a "raped ape". It pulls hard through all of the gears. I have really enjoyed my truck from the day I got her, but now....I am in Love. I would recommend your custom tunes to anyone who wants to wake up their sluggish factory V8. It was a pleasure to deal with you.
– John L.

It's been running great! Your tune has made it so much more pleasurable to drive. The shifts are so smooth and seamless... The throttle response is night and day different from stock, give it gas and it responds, right now! Love it!
– Steve F.

This car flies! The canned tune was an improvement, but your custom tune was a huuuuge improvement!
– Scott R.

Just had the car on a dyno - 420hp / 422tq - That's +90 over stock! Great job!!
– Rodger K.

The custom tune you wrote for my 2012 6.2 Sierra is awesome! The torque is noticeably improved, and it pulls hard well into the higher gears. This truck is an animal! Thanks again!
– Keith V.

After driving only 20 miles, I have to say I am super impressed. My 2012 silverado 2500hd 6.0 with a 6in lift on 35s had no get up and go, the stock tunes made her start to wake up a little bit but your custom tune really changed her. There is a ton more pep, throttle response is almost instant. I cant say enough on how impressed I am!
– Andrew A.

Truck's been running great. It really does feel stronger especially after the last (#3) tune. Shifting is good, part throttle is good, as well as WOT. It still has good idle quality, and the mileage has been a bit better as well.
– Paul S.

My truck (the White Rhino) hauls ass! This thing is crazy man, really. I've raced so many people I can't even count and so far i have yet to lose. A buddy of mine got in my truck so i can show him the new tune and I don't know what happened first, his back hitting the seat, or his hand grabbing the "oh shit" handle. Thanks a lot man, completely worth it!
– Rick G.

All I can say is WOW! This truck is bad ass now with the 6.2L and your custom tune! The truck shifts great now and the power is sick!
– Brian H.

I just took the truck for a rip. It really gets up and goes now. Going up hills it just continues to pull and won't give up. Before the tune with the bigger tires I couldn't break 15 mpg on the highway. Now I'm averaging about 21. Lew you do awesome work. Keep up the great work. I can't wait until you get my camaro fully tuned!
– Keith L.

Man the truck is running awesome! Awesome take offs, smooth shifting and fast! The gas mileage is better than ever and just over loving driving it everyday. Thank you so much man!
– Kaelen U.

You did not warn me of the raw power, mach-10 warp-speed I would be going... THIS IS INSANE. It's like you read my dreams, and gave me a part of them but at the same time told me I could expect much more. lol!
– Nikko S.

I have to say what did you do to my truck?! holy shit man it's like a new truck :) so happy!! It's incredible the difference is night and day!!
– Ryan C.

I'm busting peoples Ass with this tune! I noticed it's shifting sooner than last tune and gas mileage is better... it's Damn sure faster and I'm so glad I got custom tune package. Thanks Lew Dog you know your SHIT!!!
– Chuck F.

Lew, the truck pulls great! You kick down the throttle and it will pull like no tomorrow. I'm very happy with your tune! It blows away the canned tunes and I would be afraid of putting the truck back to factory tune. Haha! It would be a real turd! Anyways I love it! Couldn't be happier! Thank you so much!!
– Brian L.

The truck is strong. Rolling into the throttle in 1st gear, it breaks the tires loose around 40 mph. I'm running 29 inch tires now. I think if I went up to about a 30 inch tire in the rear, I could get 60 mph out of first gear and the 0-60 times would be scary for a truck... I couldn't be happier. The thing is a monster.
– Gerald V.

Just wanted to say I put 60 miles on it already & you are the man! Great job! ...It runs so much better already. It's more responsive, smoother, idles better & pulls harder! ... i love driving it more now than ever!! Thanks Lew I really appreciate it!! ...Great job!!!
– Richard Z.

Definitely feel the POWER! haha... Oh and my MPG went up a bit so my engine is definitely running a lot more efficient too, throttle response is great too. I think you did a pretty good job you unleashed a beast! hahaa
– Alex G.

My truck is a completely different animal with this tune! I've been reading about it on silveradosierra.com for a year now and can't believe what I've been missing!
– Jeremy C.

Thank you again she feels great so much smoother and a lot better low end power and it just keeps pulling steady now it made a big difference.
– Joe P.

As always car runs awesome.... Before your tune it ran 8.30s-8.40s in the 1/8 mile... With your tune pre intake with just headers and cold air intake got the car consistently in the 8.20's in the 1/8 mile!
– Brian G.

The truck feels really good man! I am very happy I did the Intune with you custom tune. The shifting is so much better and the truck feels really responsive and is way more enjoyable for towing my travel trailer. I appreciate your help and fast service Lewis, thanks again!
– Chris P.

She's like a mad bat outta hell man! I have to thank you man, this truck is badass fast.
– Clayton R.

Thats awesome, I really appreciate everything you've done. I dont know what you did but this last tune is much better I picked up more torque and it sounds like a monster. I have peace of mind now that the car is tuned for the current set up.
– Paul S.

Awesome lew! I love the way it drives. It's a complete different truck! Thanks a ton, and I'll deff be using you in the future!! I'm feeling a camaro here in the next year or so!
– Jared O.

The improvement in driveability is awesome! Improved throttle response, no flat spots, better mileage (when I can keep my foot out of it) AWESOME!! Can pass on the highway so much quicker. Thanks Lew!
– Richard C.

Drives and runs like a beast man. I really appreciate all your help and services. I have and will continue to recommend you to the friends who have hot rods and are putting stuff on them. Once again your help and expertise where top notch compared to the other tuners I emailed and most still to this day haven't responded so thanks!
– Daniel M.

Don't mean to use an explicitive but holy shit what did you do to my car. Runs like a bat out of hell now. Wayyyyy more responsive. Love what you did. And I'm gonna recommend you to all of my LS friends!
– Robert C.

Thanks lew! You rock!! Drives great!! Feels like a whole new truck, can really tell with the get up and go, And the mileage is better! Really appreciate everything man...! I'll definitely be telling people of your great work!
– Dan H.

Drives great!!!! VERY responsive all through rpm. Very happy with it. Mpg has increased as well.
– Mike S.

She really feels good and strong! Almost to strong in first because the tires will get away from me so fast I have to control my foot! The gas mileage on the highway yesterday seemed even better too! The log that didn't take today I ran all the way past 100 and was barely in 4th! Absolutely love your work man and want to run my car against others with better parts and so called tunes to see who will come out on top!
– Marc R.

It feels much better. Shifts are firmer, pulls much harder, mileage seems to have gone up, seems to drive better! Thanks so much. I am very happy with it!
– Jake S.

Bro the car is like a totally different animal! The trans especially what a improvement! Even the paddles. The highway it's Fukn nuts how it kicks down and holds the gear.. Actually laid a beating on a poor chump in a BMW ..on a test ride ..on the highway ..hahaha think he might be buying a Chevy now. It's just pulls way better zero throttle lag.
– Joe M.

Shes feelin great man. I can really tell a difference with the throttle response and acceleration! I am also pleasantly surprised on how much better my gas mileage is! I know this truck is working hard getting these 35's rollin (each tire/rim weighs in at about 100 lbs each). It definitely feels like a new truck thanks to you!
– Chad F.

The car runs like a Bat out of Hell! The improvements are way more than I thought was possible!
– Bill B.

It feels amazing!!! I never thought a big truck like this could go this good and especially in stock form meaning no bolt on parts! This thing is a beast!!! During WOT runs it even chips the warm tires pretty good going into 2nd gear which is amazing for something this big and heavy. I've picked up about 4MPGs on the highway compared to stock on regular fuel which is crazy plus it pulls awesome even under part throttle. I couldn't be happier with the tune man!!
– Matt M.

It's like driving a whole new truck! Very peppy and it just pulls like crazy. Maybe in a few weeks I will actually keep my foot out of it and see how the mpg's are. That was the whole reason I had you do this. Well at least that's what I told my wife :)
– Tom C.

Holy shit man that tune rocks!!!! I finally got out of town where I could try it out safely and man does that thing ever go for a big truck like that! The tires feel slightly loose all the way through 1st and the shift into 2nd engages the traction control unless I turn it off. Man it rips!!! I did a 0-60 motion start and got a 7.08 second!!!! The air is cool here so its great for the power but damn that's quick for a fully loaded 2500hd 4x4 crew full size cab and it also feels great under light throttle take offs like when you are driving more normal. It makes the truck feel like it doesn't weigh as much as with the factory tune and yet there still might be more room for improvement with the next logs woo hoo!!! Awesome!!
– Matt M.

I've been dealing with Lew for less than a year, got a tuner and a custom tune from him. Then I bought a cai cold air induction brand from him. Lew knows his stuff and is a pleasure to work with! He always answers any questions and his service is more than prompt it's soo good and fast, all others should strive to provide what he does. But then again his knowledge and stellar service with great prices are what sets him apart. high five to Lew for supporting our community! So if you want your truck to run better and be more fun to drive look up Lew aka 06monteSS you will be glad you did.
– Russ W.

Man, holy shit I can tell a difference right off the bat. It got rid of that rough shifting and is soooo much smoother through the gears and a hell of a lot faster. Just from timing the videos I took with my phone my 0 to 100 went down by 2.75 seconds!
– Adam G.

I just drove it. Just let me say, Ohh Myy GuGuGod!! :)=) My hands are still shaking!! The last time I drove a car with that kind of acceleration was back in the 90s in a Buick Grand National with a chip installed. YOU DA MAN!!
– Diakka A.

Car is running great man, I bested my last 12.8@110 mph with a 12.7, but still at 110 mph, the altitude here is a killer. I still consistently beat a bunch of fast cars that were being poorly driven, namely C6 Z06, F10 M5, E92 M3, etc, etc.
– Harly A.

It feels like a whole new truck man the throttle response is like driving a sports car. I'm loving it ! Absolutely awesome man. If I could stay off the new found power I'd probably have good mileage too!!
– John C.

Fast! puts your head back and makes your stomach jump when the rpms get above 4K. That launch control was pretty fun...car just giddy-up'd. Thanks again! you came highly recommended from the forums and certainly did not disappoint! Customer service is second to none!
– Jason B.

It's doing great, it has a lot more power and is feeling good. I think it gets better mileage too, but it is too hard to keep my foot out of it. You did a great job and I appreciate everything you did. Thank you again.
– Keith S.

She feels good... I like the increased bottom end... from the time I got the suburban till now its night and day. You did a great job... the improvement is amazing with nothing more than tuning!
– Richard B.

car feels really good and drives perfectly. It used to kind of run out of steam up in the higher rpm range, but it feels strong after your tune. Just keeps on pulling and pulling, but it still feels nice and punchy down low as well. That was my biggest complaint with the old ECS tune...it felt ok up top but lethargic down low. but with this current tune it feels strong everywhere. Thanks again!
– Dan B.

i drove down to oregon to visit a friend of mine. All i can say is WOW. My truck is the 2500hd with a 6inch lift and 35inch toyo mud terrains. his truck is a 2006 dodge ram 1500 with the hemi on 33 inch toyos. every time we have raced before your tune he has eaten me for breakfeast. but when we raced yesterday we were at our usual 30mph roll and when we went for it i was dead even with him and passed 70 i was actually starting to gain. after we stopped he asked me if i supercharged it or something lol. im very pleased and i just wanted to say thanks again man. i couldnt be happier.
– Mike N.

The truck is a beast! Completely different than before! Thank you so much again for what you do!
– Mike C.

It's driving like a dream man. All the research i did to get the most out of my truck. Your name came up everywhere. So i knew it was a good investment to get the trinity and get the diablew tune. I was expecting some gains better than my intake and exhaust did for me, but i was not expecting the gains you were able to get and that was with the first tune. Every tune has been better than the last. And now that shes dialed in i cant believe its same truck and motor lol. Everyone that i have taken for a ride craps there pants the difference you made. Im super happy. Thanks again man. Im gonna recommend u to everyone i know that has a GM and wants gains. I'll be a return customer for sure if i get something else.
– Mike N.

Lew, I want to personally thank you for the finest customer service experience I've ever had. The tuner arrived and I loaded up the preset "diablosport tune" and can already feel quite a difference. I seriously cannot wait until I get to 150 miles so you can work your magic I've read so much about. I'm already at 42 miles so I should be up to 150 by Monday and ready to proceed to the recording stage. It's a shame all people and businesses don't have the customer service that you do. If they did the world would be a much better place. I mean that. Thanks again man.
– Rob S.

Truck feels good. Power seams constant same with acceleration. Sure isn't the truck I originally bought! Mpg gains as well getting 17.5 mpg on normal driving conditions. Get a little less on the highway with the 373 gears but its about 2 mpg gain over all. Tons of power hauling my 19.5 ft boat. Very nice all around. It's amazing how different it is from stock.
– Kyle B.

Hey Lew, just wanted to tell you how pleased I'm with the tune so far! The truck definitely "woke up"! The throttle response is sick and the power is smooth yet powerful. What exactly did you adjust? Like you said it seems to be running better and better everytime I take a ride... I cant wait for the next tune!
– Sean E.

pretty damn amazing. id have to say you are a genius... runs way smoother at idle, rpms seem more stable obviously. exhaust sounds better. pulls harder part throttle and a lot harder at wide open throttle. shifts way better all the way around, wide open and part throttle. and obviously a pretty good hp gain. mpg I cant tell you.. haha goin to be hard to see mpg increase the way ive been wanting to drive since I installed just the diablo tune.. now that its really dialed in its even more fun. throttle response is unbelievable on a old 200k mile truck. Im not sure how many ford pickups I spanked up on with edge chips in them looking at me like wtf when they do a flyby on me and I punch it catch up and pass them. Lets just say a good bit of ford guys around here have me on their hitlist. especially the ones that would leave me in the dust. trying to figure out how my truck is so much faster.... all I say is I have a friend named Lew :) its just great mr lew. couldn't thank you enough! // Well sir just had my first legit heads up race against a Pontiac Ventura with a small block 400.... I thought this thing would have left me like a bad habit... Think again.... He left me off the jump(I need a better rear gear:( ) and by the time I hit 55 I had caught and past him. I was on the edge of buying a new truck until I got your tune in it... I think I'll save my 40k$ and keep it a few more years! :-)
– Zach O.

She's running great and getting 20mpg around town - best of both worlds! The best part is how the transmission works now, its a hugh change. I have 2 buddys calling me out - a Mustang GT and a Honda S2000 - we go to the track in 2 weeks so I hope I can put them in their place! Thanks for all your help with this your Awesome!
– Gary H.

The truck is like a new truck! Finally feels alive! shifts seem to be much smoother and actually got the thing to spin the tires from a stop for once! Awesome work man!
– Steve T.

She's drivin awesome! Feels great. Awesome tune. Thanks Lew!
– Tanner S.

The driving feels perfect! It's docile and authoritative when cruising but at WOT it becomes a beast! I couldn't believe that I hit 139mph during the log because in my opinion it was slightly longer than a 1/4 mile. What else can I say...I'm very happy with how everything turned out. Thanks to you man! You got my business!! Thanks a lot! I couldn't be happier! First, Lew responded very quickly to my first email when I was just inquiring and he took the time to explain how the steps with his remote tune service was going to work. He sent me very clear step by step instructions that were easy to follow. I couldn't believe the difference between the base tune and once he made the final touches after providing him with a cruising and wot logs. In fact, the wot didn't require any changes and I was actually thinking to myself what else can you get out of this thing because it pulls so freaking hard!! I reviewed the wot log and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw 139 mph on a distance slightly longer than a 1/4 mile! All can say is that Lew is the man! If you are on the fence about getting a tune and don't have a tuner or dyno service close to you, my vote goes to Diablew! You won't regret it and Lew will do you right!
– Epifanio V.

Feels awesome! Well worth the money man. I raced my buddy the other day who has a 2007 silverado and blew the doors off him lol and it seems to shift a lot better now too maybe its just me idk lol. Thanks a lot bud i will for sure recommend you to my friends!
– Kyle E.

The truck runs and PULLS like one I never had before. it pulled on a couple F-250's that I know, bc I am a Diesel Mech, they have more fuel than time to burn, I smoked em! Thanks!
– Chris W.

She feels like I'm driving a bat out of hell! It's crazy, I'm getting about a steady 17 mpg around town and I will be taking a longer trip soon to see what I will be getting then but that's not bad with over 430hp! That WOT was the fastest I have ever been in it and it still had more to go. I only I wished I had more road!
– Steve S.

Great! She's driving awesome after that last tune. The power and take off speed is real noticeable and the mileage has improved a bit. Thanks for all the work and I will recommend your business to some friends of mine!
– Cody B.

TUNE IS AWSOME MAN! thanks!! i got alot of miles on it. I cant wait. Also thinking about buying one of the CAI you have on your website. Thanks again man!
– Josh R.

Feels very strong:) Pulls like train. Feels very fast, pulls realy hard. Tires chirp almost every gear shift, hehe. Thanks!
– Albert M.

I installed the latest tune file and she is running top notch. It feels better on the light throttle and all. I was concerned, because some of my driving will be just puttin' around on trails through the woods almost at idle with some light acceleration… to all out getting on it for hills or soft terrain. But like I said she is good to go now, much more feel in the pedal at light acceleration. Your Good Lew, I am impressed with the way you have made my truck respond, I will be recommending you to every Chevy owner I have conversation with.
– Mark H.

The tune is great man! Took the truck on a 400 mile road trip and I loved it, tons of power when passing and accelerating. The throttle response is a huge difference. Truck feels like a whole different truck now. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a tune.
– George R.

The car runs amazing! I thought it would not get much better after the first tune you sent me, but man it is such a drastic change from stock and every tune you send me seems to add 10 to 20 hp!
– Dylan B.

your tune is like night and day from the canned tune. I absolutely love driving the truck now! Your tune even gave me another 1 mpg! Even with keeping my foot in it more than I should….. I'm up to 15.2mpg in the city from 13.9mpg. Don't know how you can dial it in so good…..but thanks. I'll definitely be recommending you to all that ask about custom tunes. Thanks again!
– Jay P.

she is running awesome man. I cant thank you enough for it all! Shift points are smooth, acceleration is huge! response its like driving a camaro haha.
– Ryan H.

You're the man Lew. I just got the custom tune in and took her for a spin. Thought I would just go around the block, ended up going about 20 miles. Just couldn't quit pushing that gas pedal. She feels great, runs smooth, I'm very happy. With how enjoyable it is to drive now!
– Nick O.

Thank you Lew! Wow the tune you sent is hot! Couldnt get the wot log after work due to the snow but wow its a happy car!
– Rick R.

She's running damn good! you are the shit man!
– Ryan H.

She runs amazing! When I first got this truck….I refused to drive it all the time. I still used my 'ol 79 C20 for my daily driver (even at 9 mpg). The 09 Silverado just wasn't fun….almost irritating to drive. No throttle response, AFM sucked, just felt like I was driving an old grandma Buick. Researched a lot online and the forums and figured Diablo tuner was the way to go. Searched a little more and read nothing but positive results about your tunes. The canned tune did help the drivability a lot, But your tune is like night and day from the canned tune. I absolutely love driving the truck now! Your tune even gave me another 1 mpg! Even with keeping my foot in it more than I should….. I'm up to 15.2mpg in the city from 13.9mpg. Don't know how you can dial it in so good…..but thanks. I'll definitely be recommending you to all that ask about custom tunes. Thanks again!
– J. Pilot

hey lew i have to change that and call you mr eaton you are the man its like release the crackin car really runs nice if you have to do anything else im going to have to get on my knees and praise!
– Adrian F.

Well got about 75 or 80 miles on her of mixed driving (city /highway and a few light to light races.. hahahaha) and she is running great. Throttle is very responsive and she pulls nice and hard and the shifts are nice and firm!!! Very happy with this tune. :-)
– Dan P.

this has been the best price/performance item i have added to this truck or any other vehicle. She runs a lot better than before, lot more responsive throttle and the gear selection seems to be the most noticeable changes. Highway mileage increased substantially, in town too but not as noticeable since I have always driven aggressively and it has to accelerate 3/4 tones ... Power also increased, which is mostly noticeable with increase of 20KM/H top highway speed (can get her to 180KM/H now used to be 155ish tops).
– Mike L.

Just got a custom tune from 06MonteSS (lew) at diablew tune and I have to say at first i was skeptical figuring that all he was going to do was check the settings I did. Well I put the tune in and gave her a try (07 sierra 2500hd extended cab long bed 4x4 6.0l) and I should have brought a change of underwear. It lit the tires up through 3 gears finally had to let off the gas to get control. When doing the WOT/PE log had to use 4wd and gas mileage went up 4 mpg. Let me say Lew KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING and that's coming from an old ASE certified mechanic. Lew did a great job and got the tune done fast and accurate it was well worth the $. So give Lew a shout you wont be sorry, and bring a change of underwear on your first run with the tune, you will need them.
– Butchs38

Well Lew, I'm diggin' the new tune. So happens that a 4.6 Mustang with no mufflers and a bunch of stickers (my favorite being a "Holley" sticker on his injected car) jumped on me at a stoplight... went from two lanes down to one about an 1/8th of a mile down with a 55 limit. He was visibly upset when my front-wheel-drive-looking-like-a-rental-car-lot-reject growled as it caught and passed him. I think HIS next mod will be a "For Sale" sign in the back window!
– Doug

Car feels badass man, I don't know what you did but holy crap! I am very happy with it now, and it pulls extremely hard all the way through the rpm range. It will break loose a little easier now if I'm not careful and it shifts like a beast! ...I am one satisfied customer and just really want to enjoy it now... Thanks again Lew.... I am very happy with my car now!!
– Oddwraith

It's great. I am very happy with it. Except... I had my daughter take it to get detailed and I didn't realize it was low on gas. She put in 87 octane! I can't wait to get rid of that. I immediately knew something was off when I drove it. The tune is great! Thanks again.
– Rob V.

Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Dangit lew why aren't you a pcm guy for gm? Seriously my truck feels awesome! No hesitation, and no loss of power like in the diablo tune! ...I'm gonna name my kid Lew lol ...Freakin sweeeeet!
– Morgoth

The tunes just keep getting better and better... This one feels aggressive... The truck is responsive and is fun to drive... Thanks again for all of your hard work... The continued support is fantastic... Anyone who doesn't utilize your services is really missing out on what the Diablo can do...
– S. Weinmann

ummmm, Holy shit! I just finished installing the tune, wow! Man I can't wait till we are finished. Best money I've spent in a long time, except for buying the Camaro...   //   OK, need to remove this tune - because I have never sat in a car with this much power let alone drive one. Holy shit!! It nearly pulled my hand off the steering wheel when I jumped on it in 1st. My hands are still shaking from the excitment. You really know what makes this car tick! Scary...
– Tom692010

Thanks so much for all your help, you really do great work and provide an awesome service! The truck runs really great! I could go on and on, but I would still be saying the same thing. You truly do live up to your reputation on the work you do.
– Phil

Lew, okay got the tune installed, drove it... no that's an understatement, I pretty much flew through 50 miles after installing it. All I can say is WTF... will never know what you did but the truck pulls great and feels like a beast compared to where I was at prior to the tune. The acceleration/throttle response is so so much better. I also noticed the average MPG went up at by 3 - 3.5. That was even with my foot in it at times. Can't thank you enough for this!
– Jessie

I wanted to thank you in advance for all of your help in tuning my vehicle. When I drove the vehicle yesterday, I started to notice a big difference in how much smoother the vehicle accelerates more evenly from a stop light and when cruising and passing other vehicles on the highway. I have also noticed, that my Average fuel mileage has went from 15.6-16.2 mpg to a WHOPPING 19.6-20.0 mpg for mixed city/highway driving on the vehicle information display center readout!!! I have had the Predator Diablo 93 No DOD tune on the car for almost a year, and I never got MPG's like this before your custom tune. I cannot wait for your additional custom tunes that will help dial the vehicle in even more, which will make the vehicle even more fun to drive.
– Michael Murphy

Hey Lew just want to say thank you and the truck feels great!!! So much more power and gas mileage has increased also. I will be talking to you again cause I have a 2010 Camaro that will need to be tuned too!
– Dwayne

Diablew tune is awesome!!!! Thanks Lew, I could not think that I could spin the factory 20's with all-terrains, but with your tune I did!! Every time I drive my truck, I do it with a big grin in my face from ear to ear. All I can say is that with Diablew tune, my truck has woken up from the dead, it has resurrected from the factory tune grave to become a great gladiator on the streets! My truck is a 4x4, with Lew's expertise, it has picked up the lost mileage per gallon and is running like a champ, thanks Lew for making me believe in Diablo Sport and especially for making me believe in you. I am proud to say that I drive a 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 tuned by 06MonteSS.
– aviraled2002

I drove my Hummer to work today. The work that you did for me was tremendous, it was like day and night. Can't thank you enough.
– Dennis L.

Lew, the tune is running awesome!!! It lit even more of a fire under the Camaro. Although still haven't got enough miles for a WOT tune run, I was playing around to see what my 0-60 was on flat ground. So I added vehicle speed an torque to the graph. 4.2 second 0-60. It is awesome man thanks!! WOT isn't even dialed in yet and I am happy!! :) ohh yeah, now getting 26mpg at 75mph... Thats a gain of 3mpg! Thanks a lot Lew. You created a monster out of the Camaro. I really like it and it was worth every penny.
– steeleshark2

I wanted to thank Lew a.k.a 06MonteSS for all his help on the forum of diablosport. I had to wait for almost a year before my truck was supported but Lew answered all my sometimes stupid quistions about the use of the predator and about tuning my truck.

I have an 2009 avalanche with the 6.0L. Before the diablo tune my truck really felt like it was holding back somehow. when i was driving it, it didn't feel much stronger than the 5.3L I had in my first 2007 avalanche. But then after waiting a very long time Diablo finally released a revision update that supported my truck! And man that really woke the truck up! I've been driving with that tune for a week or so and i had some seroius knock but that had to do with the gas I got here in Europe. And still it felt like this wasn't all it could do.

I have been reading a lot about the special DiabLew Tune and first i thought well how much can he do for me. But i've read the posts and his testimonials and i took the dive. first I was a bit concerned about the datalogging and getting Lew the right logs so he could get things going. But after him explaining everything i just did it. And gues what? It takes about 5 min to data log and is really easy.

Then the first DiabLew Tune revision was installed in the truck.... Damn that made a lot of difference!!!! this isnt just a truck it became a sportscar!! the acceleration is incredble even at high speeds it just keeps going! With the first 2 revisions I had some knock at the high rpms right before the truck shifts. But at the 3rd revision it was all gone! Then we did some WOT logs and revisions just to fine tune everything and man i just love my truck now! I never have to complain about powerloss or anything. The throttle response is amazing. Just tap it and it goes off!! I've been driving a couple of trucks now and this truck i love to most! On the highway the passing acceleration is so incredible on the autobahn and normal highway I havent met an car that could get up with me.

Then about the mileage... I know its supposed to be better but still i havent got the chance to record it... I have been effected with a lead-foot disease like some once called this effect on the forums. if you tasted a bit of the power you never want anything else!!

If you are looking for more out your truck!! Just take the dive and make the commitment to Lew (06MonteSS) and he'll get you right where your truck or car wants to be!

So Thanks Lew for everything!!

– Tim (a.k.a. Solid)

The car runs like a bat out of hell. Freeway rolling start, WOT in automatic, wheel spin in first, again at 2nd, and still again in 3rd (speed now at 110-115)... I think I'm beginning to love you!!!!!!
– VCowan

HOLY SHIT BATMAN!!! THE G'S - I LOVE THE G'S!!! This thing pulls like crazy!!! Did you sneak some nitrous in that tune?? Does it get better than this? THANKS!!
– Terry

Since I got Lew's LATEST tune he did for me, I've gotten 3-5mpg better in the city and 5-7mpg better on the highway with WAY better power at all RPMs
– CanuckPredator

You asked me to assess the overall performance of the car and let you know what I think. I think the car is significantly quicker judging by my most excellent butt-o-meter! Since I tend to rely on numbers more, I ran a timed quarter mile at our local drag strip and learned I have improved my performance overall from 13.51 seconds to 12.89 seconds!!! Pretty damn good don't you think?! Thanks again for all your help.
– Kurt

Just a quick note to praise and thank Lew for the custom tune he did for my Impala SS. He was very patient, and answered my (sometimes) stupid and redundant questions. Dude, YOU have to be a saint! Car runs great, and the enhanced DOD is perfect... holds longer, and doesn't kick in and out. Gas mileage way up there too! Performance is EXCELLENT! Custom tune from Lew was the best investment yet, for the money spent!
– electrotyper

My top end feels a lot faster, off the line I'm pretty quick... I raced a slightly identical truck; LT headers, cai, wheatley tune, cat-delete, tb spacer, and tore him up!! I appreciate the work man.
– bmike713

Thanks for thinkin' of me with your new DiabLew tune! I gotta be honest bro, this tune I'm currently running (the last DiabLew tune you sent me) is fucking INCREDIBLE and I can't imagine how you could improve on that. Seriously, my car is absolutely amazing and the performance is mind-boggling compared to the stock tune, or even the Diablosport 91 Octane tune. Your tune makes my vehicle a dreamboat.
– KevinHarm

we have a winner!!... fucking nasty dude!!! ...you da man!! Just when I thought Lew was done with my tune, he pulls a rabbit out of his hat and gets me even more power! I sent him my latest log file after the car had settled in for a bit, and he works his magic once again. Apparently, he went through it meticulously, because I can tell a difference in the way the engine pulls, all the way up to redline. Thanks again Lew!! You da man!!!... bitch spun through first, then kicked the tail out on the upshift to 2nd...LMAO!! ...I'm very happy!! WOOHOO!!!
– Scotty

HOLY BEJESUS the pep i gained before in torque and power before was nothing compared to now! I'm excited to see what else I can get out of this thing now.

Lew you magnificant bastard thanks for the fine tuning of the DiabLew tune. It pulls NICE!

The throttle is much more responsive now, CAGS has been turned off, and some timing was added down low to help decrease the deceleration popping that us M6 guys are all too familiar with. Doing a WOT logging over the weekend, I actually chirped the tires on the 3-4 upshift @ 100MPH!
– 06GTO6.0

it helped a hell of a lot. Much more pep to everything now. for some reason it feels so much more that a little bit of gas makes it jump much more then it used to, i'm getting used to the car all over again.

I've done a few logs and downloaded the latest program from DiabloSport. Ran it and made the suggested changes and the car seems to be running a bit stronger. Kudos to Monte and Grumpy.
– Flyin_Low_GTO

I got on it when I left a red light today after work, and it seemed as though the TC couldn't respond quick enough... I spun for about 20FT before I got any traction whatsoever. It's hard to explain, but the best way I can describe it is "violent" sounding and performing. It's a totally different animal now. My advice: Do as Lew suggested... send him your log file, and let him fine tune it like he is doing mine. He is a wizard!!
– 06GTO6.0

I really do appreciate all of the hard work that you have put into this thing. By following your instructions I have been able to dial my truck in pretty good. Now it is a completly different truck. Very pleased with the product because of the work yall have done.
– cataylor

I really appreciated your write up on tuning. I feel alot better about my investment in the predator after making adjustments using your tips and your program DSLogRedux. Car runs like a beast and gets better mpg. Thanks for all the help on the boards, it's appreciated!
– Dreamcastin

I just wanted to take the time to extend a big thanks to Lew for his expertise in helping me tune my car... Very Happy. I have my LTFTs dialed in perfect, and hopefully we will work on the PE next. ...Thanks again Lew!!
– Scott

I feel a lot better now than yesterday about the Predator purchase!!! It already was pulling a little stronger with the -1% adjustment, so I can't wait to get this one done... BTW, I went ahead and donated to you guys' DSLogRedux site to say thanks for your help and time... Feels strong and seems to get stronger as I drive... Life's GOOD! Let the boys at DiabloSport know that THANKS TO YOU I have trashed the RMA paperwork!!! Don't want to return it now!!
– Jeff

Great job on the custom tune, it works great!!
– Paul

Thanx for the help, it feels good having the car dialed in right!
– Kenny

I wanted to say this program makes using the DS so easy, it takes the guess work out. Lewis has helped me many times with looking over my logs and running macros. I remember when it would literally take hours to run a few filtering macros to come up with tuning numbers. Now its done in an instant. The results are right on with the #'s doing the filtering on your own. Thanks for a great program and all the help over the past year. The car is running harder than ever. I gained 19hp immediately on the dyno and after the tune and 22 total after tweaking.
– Mike

Your tune did make a huge difference... Thanks Lew.
– Cody

About your 'Custom Tune' that you just did and emailed me... HOLY SHIT!!!! THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!! My Li'l Black SS went from fairly aggressive to borderline VIOLENT!!!! I'm freakin' stoked man... I cannot thank you enough!! When I get paid later this week, I'll make another donation to you guys... Again - Thanks so much.
– Jeff Chandler

I am not sure Diablo would have the amount of customer happiness they do, without you guys and this program. A lot of us might have given up and gone to HP Tuners or something...
– Emersonhart

Lew (06montess) was a great help with me as well with my 2007 corvette tune! And once DiabloSport comes out with the '08 vette predator *cough* I will ask for his help again as well!!
– LostAngel

Just wanted to to give 06montess a shout out for the huge amount of help he gave me yesterday. Back in october i purchased the tuner and had nothing but issues with it, engine knock ran like crap etc. needless to say i was impatient and sold the tool. well last week i said the hell with it and figured i would purchase the tool again and try. installed the program and was still having the same problems. So i took my problems to the ls2gto.com website created a thread and 06MonteSS was posting trying to help. Well yesterday i went and bought all the interface stuff from radio shack so i could send him logs. i think we started at around 10am. from there he walked me through step by step on installing 3 programs that would help me figure out and trouble shoot what was going on. (im computer Illiterate so it was much apretiated). anyways i sent him a log, we looked over it on DSLogRedux and he suggested for me to send him my original backup and the 91 tune. i was still having massave KR at that point, he custome wrote a tune off of the information he recieved between my log, original backup and 91 tune. I uploaded the tune and wow... no valve chater or kr!! we ran logs and all the ltfts were right where they were supposed to be, no Kr accept for at hard shift points. car ran good. then he suggested another adjustment, installed that and wow the car realy came to life. had some misselanious KR that we havnt determined yet as false or not untill i log more but now were in the ball park!! i couldnt have done this alone, otherwise i would have gotten discouraged and sold my unit again... anyways, thanks to 06MonteSS, i didnt have to sell, happy with the performance and all is good. we ran logs and changed parameters untill around 6pm (8hrs of help via email and instant messages for free!!) Thanks
– Ty

Lew, I was in the dyno yesterday, and the only possible words are EXCELLENT!! I checked some similar corvettes with similar upgrades and custom tunes done by other tuners on the dyno and they are giving between 365 to 415rwhp, our corvette gave 410rwhp, very good! My tuner Ramon from MecaPower is interested in your services! The car runs like a diablew taking your soul, impeccable job! There is no room in comparison of the stock tune, there is nothing like a real custom tune. Thanks for everything, really happy with the tune.
– Ernesto

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